Moms: Why we need to be in the picture {Guest Post – Nicole Bertrand Photography}

Today, I’m sharing a very special guest post from Rhode Island Photographer Nicole Bertrand! Nicole is the sister of a friend of mine,  a very talented natural light photographer, and a mom to two little girls! When she reached out about writing a couple pieces for the blog I didn’t even have to think twice! I knew my readers would be interested in reading what she had to say! Thank you, Nicole! 

Moms: Why we need to be in the picture

Do me a favor and scroll through the pictures on your phone…how many are you in? I know what you’re going to say: “Well, it’s my phone, so of course I’m going to be the one taking the pictures and not necessarily be in them.” OK, fair enough. So now scroll through the pictures on your husband’s or partner’s phone. Are there more pictures of you there?

If you’re anything like me, you’re not in many. And the ridiculous thing is that I’m a photographer! I should be in them! I can take a selfie with my girls. I can set the self-timer on my camera. I can ask my husband to take more pictures with me in them. But, I don’t. Why?

Moms get in the pictureWell, there are the obvious reasons — I’m not wearing makeup, I haven’t washed my hair, I’m wearing the same workout pants I was wearing the last time I was in a picture with my kids…and, my favorite, I’m not the size I want to be. But then there’s the not so obvious reason — as moms, we tend to be the photographer in the family. Perfect example: A few days before I started writing this post, I took this shot of my husband clipping my daughter’s toenails because I thought it was a cute moment. I guarantee you it wouldn’t have occurred to my husband to take that shot if the roles were reversed. Maybe I’m weird. (Actually, I *know* I’m weird.) Or maybe that’s one of the many hats I wear in our family — “Family Photographer”.

But we need to get in the pictures, and we need to ask our spouses or partners to more proactively take those candids for us, in spite of our protests. Because, as much as we hate to even think of such things, there will be a time when our children are looking at these pictures when we’re no longer here. But today, we are everywhere in their life. We are everything to them (especially when they’re young)… and yet there’s little photographic evidence of that. Well, we need to change that.

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When I look at my childhood pictures, I don’t see the horrible outfits or the ever-changing hair styles that were popular back in the day (and there were some doozies!). I just see my mom — squeezing me in hugs so tight that it squished my chubby cheeks. But as I wrote this blog, I went through old photo albums, and there were not a ton of pictures with my mom in them. Times were different; people didn’t have a camera attached to them 24/7 the way we do now. But still, it made me sad. So if you can’t do it for you, do it for your kids. Let them know you were there. Let them see they were loved by YOU.

And in 30 years, when you’re flipping through photo albums or looking at pictures hanging on the wall (which will be Part Two of this post: “Print your pictures!”) with your kids and their significant others, you won’t remember the horrible haircut or the 10 extra pounds you were carrying that year. You’ll remember the laughs, the tender moments, and the love. I promise.

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Nicole Bertrand is a Rhode Island based natural light photographer focused on lifestyle family, maternity, children, and senior portraiture. To see her work, please visit her WEBSITE and give her a Like on FACEBOOK!

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  1. Anne Kepner

    That’s so beautiful pictures! It makes me remember my childhood, although I and my father don’t live together.
    Thanks for your post. Have a nice weekend.


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