MLK Day Nature Activities – Audubon Society of Rhode Island

We recently became members of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.  They host many fun events throughout the year, and this week we attended one of them!

On Monday, the Environmental Education Center in Bristol, hosted a Martin Luther King Day Nature Activity event! The event featured story time, arts and crafts projects, a nature walk, an animal interview, and a fun “Spot the snowflake” game!

I was impressed with Avery’s ability to find all 10 of the hidden snowflakes (and win a cool prize!) We got to meet Franklin the Box Turtle, visit with some of our favorite animal friends in the exhibit hall, learn about the effect salt has on ice (Avery thought it was “MAGIC!”) and, of course, learn, explore and PLAY!

Avery and I had such a great time at the event and here are some photos from the day!

seashells listening to the ocean turtles Audubon 1 Audubon 11 Audubon 10 Audubon 9 Puzzles and learning at the Environmental Education Center. Nature activities Bristol RI Audubon 2 Audubon 4 Learning about science and nature Ice Painting! Family activities in Rhode Island

You can learn more about the Audubon Society of Rhode Island by visiting them on their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK


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