Microfashion Monday: Superhero Style for Girls

**Disclosure-This post include affiliate links. Making purchases through these links costs you nothing, but will help us to buy more super cute outfits for Avery**Superhero Style for girls - Sweet lil you - Microfashion Monday - Toddler Fashion - Kids styleAvery has been a huge fan of “Piderman” since she first saw that web-slinger on a giant sign at Target! She loves that Captain American “Looks like a ‘merican flag!” and is always pointing out the superhero shirts when she sees them in the store.

Girls like superheroes too!

I’ve noticed that Target is really embracing this, and they’ve been stocking a whole lot of superhero apparel for girls! And it’s not just pink versions of the boy’s stuff! Everything is really well designed! Here are couple pieces we picked up at Target!  Strong girlsSuperhero style for girls Marvel at Target

Captain America Girls’ Graphic Tank –  Target (I was unable to find Avery’s exact tank online, but I thought this one was also really cool!)

Pull on Denim Skirt – Old Navy

Converse All Star Lo Cosmic Sneaker – Journey’s

Girls Marvel Captain America shirt from Target Marvel apparel at Target toddler superhero style Captain American tank for girls Avery Super Hero Microfashion for girls

This tank is comfortable for play, but on trend and stylish! It looks cute with jean shorts and sneakers but I think  you could also dress it up with a cute tutu!

super hero, super model

This dress! AH! I can’t even deal. It’s the perfect dress for the girl who loves Marvel, but also wants to be a lil bit fancy! Geek chic at it’s finest!!

Superhero Style for girls available at Target

Avengers Toddler Girls’ Comic Collage Dress – Target

Converse All Star Lo Cosmic Sneaker – Journey’s

Black Frames with Multicolored Aztec Print Arms –  Claire’s

Superhero clothes for girls Girls Marvel Comics apparel at Target Avery Jumping Marvel Comics Girls Toddler Dress super strong Avery on the fire escape Comic superhero girl in disguise Comic CutieSo what do you think?  I’m totally digging Avery’s style this week and I think those little buns are going to be her new every day look!!

Who is your favorite superhero?


  1. Danielle W says:

    Such a sweetheart! And how amazing are these outfits?? So wonderful of you to share the fashion tips w/ parents all over!! You go girl!!

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