Laughing Out Loud with Hallmark #FunnyPetCards

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Hallmark Funniest Pets cards at Walmart!  #FunnyPetCards  #cbias

I love to laugh! Whether it’s a funny movie or TV show, a night out at a comedy club, or a funny birthday card from a friend, I love to laugh!

I come from a long line of funny people. My dad is absolutely hilarious. I was never one of those kids who was embarrassed to have friend over, when my parents were around, in fact all my friends thought my parents were awesome, and that my dad was one of the funniest guys ever.

My mom always had a knack for picking out the absolute funniest birthday cards. We were never one of those families that gave sappy cards. You know, the ones with 7 paragraphs of text about how you are the worlds greatest daughter/mother/father/scholar/valentine/bowler…There isn’t anything wrong with those cards, they just aren’t our style!  We are that family that gives the cards that make you spit out your drink, and laugh one of those real LOLs. I like to think that my mother has passed this trait on to me.

I spend a lot of time scouring over the thousands of cards in the rack, looking for the PERFECT card. I really love animal cards. Having two cats and a dog who have ridiculous (and some times annoying) personalities, I can always relate to the #FunnyPetCards in the Hallmark racks! Our friends and family also have pets and I know they love getting these kinds of cards too! We also give cards FROM the pets for every holiday and Birthday, so the Funny Pet cards are great!

With Valentine’s Day, Dave’s birthday, Avery’s birthday (and so many other birthdays in between–Like mine *hint*hint*) I had to hit the card section and stock up! I buy so many cards that I even have a binder to sort them in! I took Avery along with me because I’m trying to teach her the Art of Card Selection.

Walmart has a huge selection of Hallmark cards! #FunnyPetCards  #cbiasI looked high and Avery looked low, and we settled on 10 cards! We picked up a few Valentines for Daddy and a couple of Avery’s friends, and a whole bunch of birthday cards! All the cards we part of Hallmarks Funniest Pet Cards contest! There were a couple that were PERFECT to give to Dave from our dog, Daisy, and two cats, India and Zoe!

Hallmark Valentines for Avery's friends #FunnyPetCards  #cbiasAvery chose this chipmunk card for her friends–and they loved it!

One of the coolest things about buying Hallmark cards is the Hallmark Rewards Program.  Hallmark rewards you for buying their cards, and you can even earn these rewards when you buy Hallmark cards wherever they are sold, including Walmart! For every 5 cards you buy, you’ll earn a reward! They even have an app! How cool is that?

A few of Hallmarks Funniest Pet cards #FunnyPetCards #cbias

When we got home from Walmart, cards in hand, we made sure to sign them, and, of course, seal them with kisses!

Hallmark Cards Sealed with a kiss!  #FunnyPetCards  #cbiasAvery and Daisy gave Dave his cards, and, as expected, we all laughed out loud!

Daddy got Hallmark Valentines from all his girls!  #FunnyPetCards  #cbias



What kind of cards does your family like? Do you look for cards that will make the recipient laugh? Do you like funny pet cards?

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  1. Jen says:

    Keith and I are Hallmark snobs and proud of it! We met working at a Hallmark shop and have gotten (just about) all of our cards at one since then. I have 2 drawers filled with cards, organized by topic/event…using a PTouch, of course 😉 We do “from the dog/cat” at Christmas. They’re our kids! We’ve been using their Rewards system since its inception. It has evolved, but remains to be a great program! I’ve gotten rewards certificates of $10 before – that’s huge! It’s awesome that they’ve started selling Hallmark cards in other stores. I love the new program since it’s possible to simply scan the card/enter the number, making the reward certificate even more valuable!! I don’t remember seeing the Funny Pet Cards but will absolutely need to look for them on my next Hallmark adventure! Keith hates to go in with me – I could spend hours!!

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