King’s Hawaiian Brought The Aloha Spirit to Boston!

**Disclosure–I was invited to this event as media. I was not compensated and all opinions of this delicious brand are my own**


I had the privilege of attending a truly fantastic event this week. Not only did I get to meet one of my all time favorite baseball players and eat delicious food, I got to learn more about a great company, and be inspired!

King’s Hawaiian invited me to attend their event at Jerry Remy’s overlooking Fenway Park. The event featured Shane Victorino, of the Boston Red Sox, but the real stars of the show were four great kids from the Medford Boys & Girls Club!

Shane Victorino, “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” is a native of Wailuku, Hawaii, and the King’s Hawaiian local spokesman.

The kids from the Boys & Girls Club cooking with SHane Victorino from the Red Sox using Kings Hawaiian products

The event kicked off with a cooking demo, where Shane and the kids made some delicious recipes for us all to try! The first was Cheesy Bread. This recipe was heavy on the mayo, and if you know me personally, you know that normally I run at the sight of mayo.  However, when your favorite baseball player, and two really cool kids cook something for you, you eat it! And eat I did! (Much to the shock of my friends following the event on instagram!) It was actually really good, and I enjoyed every bite!

During the cooking demo Shane answered some questions from the media. It wasn’t your normal post game interview. These questions really got to the heart of who Shane is and how important it is for him to give back in his community. This was the good stuff!

Shane talked about ‘Ohana (family) and how important family is to him. He spoke about his children and how he loves spending time with them and with his family back in Hawaii.

Shane Victorino and Kings Hawaiian

Next the girls got to work on some really amazing Maui Burgers! After eating this, I decided that every burger I have from now until the end of time will be served on a King’s Hawaiian bun with pineapple! It was so good!

While enjoying our burgers, the kids started working on dessert (which was incredibly delicious and made me consider buying a one way ticket to Hawaii, right then and there!) and Shane answered some more questions.  When asked what advice he had for kids who aspired to be professional athletes, he offered great advice handed down to him from his mother.  He said to always have a back-up plan. He believes that while you should always give your dreams 100%, that nothing is guaranteed, especially in the world of pro sports, and it’s important to have a back-up plan in case your dream doesn’t pan out.  What was Shane’s back up plan?  “I didn’t have one!” he said. He was lucky he didn’t need one! Shane also told all the kids that it’s incredibly important to work hard at everything you do, and to really focus on school.

I loved learning more about the King’s Hawaiian brand and their products as well as hearing a little bit about the Boys & Girls Club’s Healthy Habits program. Healthy Habits teaches kids about the importance of nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being. During each session the kids participate in an interactive session, create a recipe, and then taste test it! I think it’s a wonderful way to instill healthy habits!

A family owned business, King’s Hawaiian was founded in Hilo, Hawaii in the 1950’s, and makes  the #1 branded dinner roll in the United States! They believe in sharing the Hawaiian Way: a uniquely Hawaiian approach to hospitality based on graciousness, generosity, and commitment to making everyone feel a part of the KING’S HAWAIIAN ‘ohana – their extended family. This philosophy really comes through in their products (delicious and high quality) as well as in their business practices. King’s Hawaiian is a company that I feel great about recommending to my friends, family, and of course, my valued blog readers!

I have to say, this was one of the best media events I’ve attended! The location was fantastic, the brand was amazing, and the food was heavenly.  Oh, and Shane Victorino being there was pretty sweet as well!

Thank you to the great folks at King’s Hawaiian for giving me the opportunity to learn more about your brand, and making me feel like ‘Ohana!

Shane Victorino and King's Hawaiian with Sarah from

Kings hawaiian lunch by shane victorino and the boys and girls club kids! YUM!

Click on the images below to find out how you can create these delicious recipes at home!

  • King's Hawaiian Cheesy Bread
    King’s Hawaiian Cheesy Bread
  • King's Hawaiian Maui Burger
    King’s Hawaiian Maui Burger
  • King's Hawaiian Honey Toast
    King’s Hawaiian Honey Toast

And don’t forget to look for all the delicious King’s Hawaiian products at a store near you!


For more info on King’s Hawaiian visit them at:


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