Kids Say The *#@&%#*!& Things

We have a tiny parrot living in our house. Actually she’s not tiny at all, by parrot standards. She’s a hair under 20lbs and 29inches tall. She goes by the name of Avery and boy is she good at repeating what we say.

She's such a little copy cat! Drinking her Starbucks and shopping at Target

She’s such a little copy cat! Drinking her Starbucks and shopping at Target

It’s pretty cool. She’s just at the developmental stage where we say “Say zucchini” and she says “Keeny!” Or “Say Jared Saltalamacchia” and she repeats “Jelly Satamamatsia”  It’s fun. It’s like a party trick. At a party we went to last weekend, Avery learned to say “Cake Pop” after consuming two of them. She then went around to Every.Single.Adult at the party asking “Cake Pop?” and shaking her head ‘yes’ as if to say “You ARE getting me another cake pop, don’t even think about asking my mom. Just do it. Cake pop. Now!”

She seems to have a bit of trouble with her “S’s” sometimes the come out a bit “lispy” and sometimes the come out with a “D” sound. So,in the case of the “D” sound,  “sky” becomes “Die!” Which isn’t so cool when she points up at airplanes and starts shouting “Pain! Die! Die Pain!!”  “Stop” becomes “dop” “Store” sounds like “door” “Stick” turns in to ….well…you get the idea. (She plays her drum and xylophone with “Big big…..*sticks*”)

There are other funny and inappropriate things, like “Fox” her favorite animal (ok, ok, so it’s MY favorite animal and we may have a very large stuffed fox population in our house) She’s improving, but “Fox” often comes out as that 4-letter word that starts with F, that I can’t type here without getting a warning from the FCC. (Not really, they aren’t reading my blog!)

Now, back to the parroting. She repeats what we say. Everything we say. It’s usually really cute. Like when Daisy jumps and she says “NO Daisy, down!”  Or “Daisy! Dop it! Dop! Bad!” Or when she picks up a stuffed animal and says “Awww, cute!” or “Ohhh das funny” when we laugh.  See?  SO.CUTE!! It’s also humorous, and makes you realize that you say certain things or do certain things more than you realized.  Apparently I say “DUDE!” a lot.  And if you ask Avery “What does Daddy say?”  She will tell you that he says “AHCOO!” (He seriously sneeze eleventh billion times a day. Seriously. I’ve counted. It’s ridiculous!”

But then…sometimes…the repeat the things that you THOUGHT you only said occasionally, under your breath.

Example: A few days ago, Avery was bounce, bounce, bouncing on her Gyffy Giraffe. And she started to fall.  She said “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!” and slowly slid off, and on to the floor. It was then that I heard it. Her adorable, tiny, sweet voice….


At 21 months….my daughter intentionally swore.

OH SSIT! Don't mess with this kid!

OH SSIT! Don’t mess with this kid!

I know every parenting book would tell me to say “No, we don’t say  that word” and make some sort of stern, disapproving face.

That’s not at all what I did.

What I did do, was laugh. I laughed and laugh and laugh until I almost fell of the couch. “Oh SSSIT!!”

Then I had to sit back and scold myself for saying “Oh *ssit*” in front of her.

I have learned my lesson..OK, I probably haven’t, and I’m sure I’ll mess up in the future (Probably tomorrow–I’d say tonight, but she’s already in bed as I’m writing this)…but, I’m much more conscious of what I say within earshot of this little parrot!


    • Sarah says:

      It’s so funny! Especially “Fox” since she has a stuffed fox in the car, and one in the house, and so many fox outfits, she says it all the time! It’s best when we are out shopping and she sees something with a fox on it and shouts “OHH!!!! FU&$S!” lol

  1. Michelle says:

    OMG this brings back such memories ! I remember with our first, my husband and I would sit for hours having our daughter repeat words .. it was like a very funny party trick ! Avery is such a delight and I love being able to watch her grow up. :)

  2. When the Kids Go To Bed says:

    When my first (at age 2) got hip-checked in the door way by both dogs with his bowl of goldfish, which then spilled all over the floor and he blurted out “F-ing dogs” in frustration, my husband got the daggers big time. The funny thing was the perfect timing and he knew how to use it…but NOT so funny. Language around the house has since improved as we have journeyed deeper into parenthood.

    • Sarah says:

      HAHA Oh man! Yeah, I hope out language improves haha We always say “Dollar in the swear jar!” maybe we should get an actual swear jar and put in an actual dollar….

  3. GingernFreckles says:

    Oh Ssit, llions are coming.
    I’m really looking for that blog post(I think you blogged about it) Disney medallion/ wrist watch thingys you can swipe and make reservations with and order drinks on and so on. Was that a thing. Toss me a FB message if possible with a link. SK

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