Kick Flipper Review

*Disclosure – I was sent a Kick Flipper in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.*

Even though she takes two dance classes a week, and loves all things pink and frilly, when I think about Avery’s future in sports, I think X-Games.

She’s just one of those rough and tumble, risk takers.  Ever since she could walk, she was  jumping of of things. The higher the better. “Can I jump off of this rock?  Is this table too high for me to jump off of? Do you think I’ll get a boo boo if I jump off the top step?”  Regardless of my response, she just does it anyway.

So I was not the least bit surprised when she started to take an interest in skateboarding.  I had refused to buy her a skateboard because while her health insurance is phenomenal, I really didn’t want to spend any time at our local ER.  But then, at Sweet Suite 15, I learned about Kick Flipper®!  It’s like a skateboard without wheels (and without the maternal worry!)KickflipperI loved that not only would it help Avery learn some basic skate skills, but it would also help improve her balance and coordination! And, it can be used safely on grass, sand, and even indoors on the carpet!

Avery loves coming up with her own “super cool tricks” and I love that she’s being active and building her strength and fitness!

Kick Flippers are super lightweight, but still rugged enough to support up to 200 lbs.  That means that Dave and I can use it too!  (And trust me, we have!!) Kick Flipper TricksWe’ve had a lot of fun with our Kick Flipper®, and I know Avery will continue to use it, and develop new skills and tricks!

You can learn more about Kick Flipper here:  and on Facebook

Kick Flipper® is Made in the USA and is available at specialty, mass, and online retailers, including:



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