Just B. You! B. Teepee & Puzzle Review!

I have a confession to make.

There is a part of me that wanted to have kids just so I would have a valid excuse to shop the toy aisles at Target. Seriously.  I’m a kid at heart and I love toys and games.

I really love when I come across brands that are unique. B.Toys is one of those brands!

The first time I discovered B.Toys I was wandering target looking for a birthday gift for a friend’s 2 year old daughter. The B. Toys products really stood out to me. The vibrant colors and unique packaging (recycled and recyclable!) were different than anything else on the shelves, and the products were just so cool!  I started buy their toys as gifts for all of friends children. I think we have 6 or 7 friends who received the super cool Wheeee-mote Control car (a favorite of Avery’s as well!)

I have been wanting to buy the many B. Toys puzzles for Avery, but had to wait until she was old enough to do them (instead of just chewing on the pieces) and when I saw the B. Teepee I had to have it! I mean, I wanted to get it for Avery…

How excited was I when this arrived on my doorstep!


I couldn’t wait to tear open the box (which was then recycled!) and set it up!

I really love how they take the time to fully design the packaging itself. Not only is it pretty, but they add a little bit of humor to the item info!


I pulled out all the pieces and got to work! Start to finish it took me maybe 10 minutes. (And that was without the directions–which I didn’t find until I had the whole thing just about put together)



As soon as she saw it, Avery ran right inside!

The B.Teepee has a truly awesome “chandelier” that fills the tent with colorful stars! There is also a window for kids to look out (or for mom and dad to look IN) and it was big enough for Avery’s reading chair to fit inside! (which was perfect because our living room is pretty small)



The material seems very high quality, and I love how easy it is to set up (and take down.) The bright colors make it fun and interesting to little kids, and it makes a great little hide-out or reading nook! We have had similar indoor play tents that were not as nice as this one, and much harder to put together. I’d recommend the B. Teepee over all the rest!

And how adorable is the Hide ‘n Sea puzzle?


It’s perfect for little ones just learning how to do puzzles. The characters are really cool, and I love that there is the “surprise” of the baby sea creatures under the puzzle pieces-ADORABLE!

The little knobs on each piece make it easy for even the tiniest fingers to grasp, and the wood is very durable.

We play games with this puzzle too! I ask Avery to find the Whale, or show me which sea creature is pink. It’s already gotten a LOT of use (it’s the first thing she runs to every morning when she wakes up!)

Our family really loves B. Toys! Their products would make great gifts this holiday season, the recipients will not be disappointed!

B. TeePee is sold at Target stores for $35.00 and the Hide ‘n Sea puzzle is sold at Barnes & Noble for $18.99.

For more information, and to see the other great products that B. Toys has to offer, visit their website: justb-byou.com

b. toys

Avery wants you all to come hang out at her new Club House! Dadda says,  “NO BOYS ALLOWED”



**Disclosure: I was given these two products to review. As always, all opinions are my own!**


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