It’s Shower Season!

This weekend I was thrilled to attend one of my best friends baby showers! (Thanks to Dave driving me the three hours each way to Albany)

Since we’re also expecting (in case I hadn’t mentioned that before) Money is “tight”  I wanted to think of creative gifts to give my friend Erin, and her husband, John.  Of course I hit up Pinterest to see what cool things other people have made

First I found a super cute idea for making an initial (in this case “R”) out of buttons. (

I just happened to have a big box of buttons that I had planned to use for our wedding decor, but never ended up using.
Here is my version!

After that I found a cute idea for a “Hospital Emergency Kit” for the momma! (

I took some of her ideas, and added in a few of my own to personalize it for Erin.

I included the following:
Travel Bottles (so she can bring her own shampoo/conditioner to the hospital
Toilet paper (Ive been told that hospital toilet paper can be compared to sandpaper)
Hand sanitizer
Blistex lip balm
Wisps (for those times when getting up to brush your teeth seems impossible)
Comfy socks
Altoids breath mints
elastic headbands
Facial wipes (Get rid of the sweat and get that glow back)
Calming lotion (So daddy has no excuse to give a little back/foot rub!)

For the Daddy to be I wanted to do something funny, and came across this “Daddy Doody Kit” (

I bought a clear paint can (available at Michael’s Craft stores–and other craft stores I’m sure)
Inside I packed:
Baby wipes
Hand sanitizer
baby powder
Ear plugs
latex gloves

All things a new dad may need when changing a diaper.

I had fun creating these gifts (and Dave had fun helping!)  I think they went over well at the shower and everyone got a good laugh.

The shower was a blast, and it was so good seeing some friends that I haven’t seen since our wedding!  Erin’s family and friends who threw the shower did a fabulous job (Even Dave enjoyed himself, and some cake, when he got back early from a little golf session)  Can’t wait to meet Little Mr. RJ in a few short weeks!!

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