It’s Never Too Early to Pack for Disney!

Next December will be our first Disney Vacation with Avery. Our first trip as parents. Our first trip as a family! I am beyond excited.

After quite the successful trip to Babies R Us (Where Dave and I went a bit crazy buying Disney themed items including a Tinkerbell costume and a Belle dress–for under $5 might I add!) I realized that I really didn’t have any place to store all this stuff.   So I decided to PACK!

My fellow Disney travelers will understand this. We all pack early. It isn’t uncommon to be packed months in advance. (Wouldn’t want to forget anything!) So I figure 12 months in advance is fiiiiiiiiine.

Avery is packed and ready to go!

I have a lot of people ask me what they should pack for a Disney trip, so I decided to put together a list of the things I MUST bring.
This list isn’t comprehensive, I don’t think you need to be told to bring a toothbrush (If you forget one they can get it for you at the front desk of your resort) or pajamas (however, this is the one thing I always seem to forget….)  These are just the little things I always bring that aren’t on every other packing list.

Blister Stick: Chafe happens.  Walking around all day in the heat…Let’s just say, it can be brutal.  And Blisters are all to common when you’re walking miles every day (in new shoes that you may have forgotten to break in before the trip….We know you’re guilty of this!)  Band-Aid has a “Friction Stick” and Glide also has anti-chaffing and blister products.  I have used, and would recommend them both.

Blister Bandages: Like I mentioned above, blisters are a way of life for some people (just typing this has given me a blister….seriously, I’m ridiculously susceptible) They will always have your standard bandages at the resort and parks first aid, but I’ve found that normal band-aids just fall off as soon as applied.  Band-aid makes a few different sizes and styles, but you can also get store brand (I’ve used Target’s brand before and they are great)  They are waterproof, shaped to fit in the most blister prone areas, cushioned and they STAY ON!

Coffee:  Disney has coffee, of course, but they serve Nescafe brand which many (myself and husband included) can’t stand. I know people who even bring their Keurig machine to Disney, but just bringing your own regular coffee for the in room coffee maker will suffice if you are “picky” like us.

Camera: Now obviously everyone wants to capture memories of their Disney vacation, but your camera can serve another purpose.  Every morning, after your kids get dressed, take a picture of them.  The Disney Parks are large, and sometimes kids wander off.  Having a photo of them, from that day, will help Disney Cast Members if, heaven forbid, your child gets lost.  Odds are you’ll be in a panic, and wont remember what they had on that day.

Over The Door Shoe Holder: Just like we used in college! These can do wonders for saving precious sink counter space in your resort room! Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, hair brush, it can all hang, out of the way on the bathroom door! And of course you can keep shoes in there too!

Poncho or Rain jacket: Central Florida is prone to sudden rain storms. Sure you can buy a poncho in Disney, but you know that as soon as you put down the cash, the rain will stop. Save yourself a bit of money, and bring your own.  The parks are a lot of fun even in the rain (People tend to leave or seek shelter so you may find that the lines for attractions are much shorter!) And depending on when you visit you may want to bring a sweatshirt.  Temps can drop off when the sun goes down (yes, even in Florida!) and nobody wants to be shivering in Disney!

Laundry Supplies: I know you probably don’t even want to think about laundry while on vacation, but sometimes you just need to throw in a load.  The resorts have laundry facilities that you can use, but the brands of detergent are limited.  You may want to bring a small/sample pack of your own favorite brand, just in case. I also bring Plastic Bags with me to throw dirty laundry and stinky shoes in.

Personal Fan: This isn’t something we bring, but we always wish we had one.  You’ll see tons of kiddos in the parks with personal fans that even spritz you with water.  These are amazing on a hot day and the kids (and adults) love them!

Now this is just my quick list of my “Must Haves” The things people may not think of.  Don’t forget the basic things like sunblock and sun burn lotion (burns happen) a hat, extra socks and undies, hand sanitizer, your ID, comfy shoes, snacks for the room, gum, a light backpack or perhaps a camel-back type bag to fill with water, your own soaps and shampoo if you are sensitive to certain kinds, your prescription medication as well as any over the counter medicines you use, and of course, don’t forget your phone charger and camera batteries!!

Is there anything you’d add to this list? Anything out of the ordinary?


  1. liza says:

    LOVE the blister stick. no idea where i have been but i had NO IDEA they made such a thing. thanks for the tip sarah, i will be picking one up for any future trips. :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Don’t forget the batteries ! I always pack Lysol antibacterial spray and spray the room down daily.

    Never thought of the blister stuff ! That will be in my bag this year.

  3. prttynpnk says:

    We also bring a small arsenal of sinus, allergy, cough drops, ibuprofen, blistex, tums, what-have-you. Paying resort prices for these gets ugly! We keep these items packed with alot of the stuff you’ve mentioned year-round and just check expiration dates before each trip. We like to think that we ould be ready to go to Disney in about 25 minutes if necessary- if we get a chance to go- we are on it!

    • Sarah says:

      Oh yes, we bring a ridiculous amount of allergy meds. My husband seems to be allergic to central Florida haha
      We usually have all these things packed year round, but this year we need to re-stock haha
      Thanks for the comment!

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