In Bloom

With a new baby, our landscaping kind of got put on the back burner this year. We are normally the first on our street to plant flowers and weed the side-walk. This summer, we were the last (with the exception of our next door neighbors who can’t even handle mowing their front “yard” Seriously, it’s a 3 ft by 15 ft strip of 4ft tall weeds.)  This weekend Dave had enough and dragged  brought me to Lowe’s to pick out some flowers.

Since I hate weeding, I had planned on buying some of that weed mat stuff, but then I saw an even cheaper/better idea (possibly on pinterest…..though I truly don’t remember where I saw this)  Instead of weed mat, you use old newspaper.  Not only are you saving money, but you’re recycling, and the news paper will biodegrade and act as mulch. The weed mat never breaks down and its a pain in the butt to replace each year.

I thought we had enough news paper to cover the flower beds…..I thought wrong.  So off Dave went to buy another newspaper.  He came home, and we got to work laying the paper down.

And then….we realized….we still didn’t have enough.  So Dave went back out to buy anther paper. And I started planting.  You COULD plant the flowers first, and then lay the newspaper down around the plants, but that seemed like more work to me, so we laid the paper down, watered it s it stayed in place, then I tore holes where I was going to plant each flower.

Holes torn in paper, flowers planted.

Dave returned with the paper, and this time we had PLENTY.  We finished covering the area, and planting the flowers, then Dave laid down the mulch.

We’ll see how this works!  I’m hoping we stay weed free through the summer!  It probably works better if you use many layers of newspaper, but I wasn’t about to send Dave out again for more.

I also got to plant Sunflowers in the front!  I’ve always wanted sunflowers (they make me happy!) And Dave let me get two.

Dave & Avery admiring mommy’s pretty sunflowers!

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