I’m Tired.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night.

It was insomnia, it wasn’t stress, it wasn’t because I drank a vat of Dr. Pepper at 11pm. It was noise.

Everyone in the house was making some kind of horrible noise!!

Dave will deny this, but he was snoring. Not one of those house shaking snores, but one of those really annoying, whiny snores. I punched him twice but that only got him to stop for the few seconds it took for him to fall back to sleep.

Daisy, our dog, was walking around the bedroom, making clickety-clackety noises with her nails on the hardwoods. She also couldn’t decide if she wanted to be in the bed, in the bassinet, or clickety-clacking all over the room. Oh, you caught that? Yeah, our dog sleeps in Avery’s old co-sleeper. Seriously. Anyway, when she did settle, FINALLY, she started snoring that Dog snore, with the noises that only come when a dog is deep in doggie dreamland, attacking mailmen, or swimming in a pool of gravy.

Then there was Avery. flip-flopping around her crib, in restless sleep. kicking the slats,and bumping her head (saying “ut-oh” which I’ll admit was adorable) And, also, she may have been mouth-breathing (which she knows is not allowed in this house!)

So I grabbed my phone. I figured I’d take this time to catch up on any Twitter drama I may have missed over the last few days, maybe it would tire me out enough that even with the noise, exhaustion would win out. But no.

Amid the cacophony of pet peevish sounds, there was a MOTH!!! Drawn in by the cell phone light. Flying in to, and bouncing off of, my face!

So, yeah, I couldn’t sleep last night!

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