I’m NOT Picky!!


I need to clear something up.

I am NOT a picky eater.

I’ve had a few people get all up in my pantry on this one recently and I really feel the need to set the record straight once and for all.

I. Am. Not. A. Picky. Eater.

I just know what I like, and what I don’t like. And, I’m tired of being labeled as “picky” after 30 years, it’s gotten a bit old.

Here is the list of foods that I will not eat under any circumstances.

  1. Sour cream
    -I will only eat this if it is in my mom’s beef stroganoff. I cannot witness her adding it. And yes, I can taste it.  I prefer if it isn’t there at all, but I will still eat it.
  2. Cream Cheese
    -I can tolerate cream cheese frosting and, I TRY to like cheesecake. Ask Dave.  Every time he gets it I taste it in hopes that I’ll enjoy it. And I just don’t.  It just tastes like cream cheese.Image
  3. Mayonnaise
    -I will only eat mayo in my nana’s egg sandwiches. That means I haven’t had it in years, and will never have it again. Ever.Image
  4. Feta, Blue, Goat and spreadable cheeses.
    -I’m a huge fan of every other cheese. Fresh Mozzarella, Swiss and the sharpest cheddar you can find would be my favorites.  I also used to LOVE Cottage Cheese…til I had a baby with severe reflux…..
  5. Mustard, Creamy dressings (like Ranch, Russian, French and creamy Italian)
    -I don’t really care much for condiments in general, but I will eat ketchup.  I like the way my food tastes.  I enjoy raw carrots, they don’t need to be smothered in dressing.Image

THAT’S IT!  That’s the whole list!  I will eat anything else.  Seriously.  I’ve even eaten a cricket! (in a lollipop)  How can you call me picky if I’ve eaten Gryllidae?


Yeah, sure, there are a few foods I don’t love. Like,  spinach, lettuce (such a waste of chewing!) celery, raw onions, peppers (but man I love the way they smell!) cabbage, legumes, kale…But I WILL absolutely eat all of the above, if served.  I just don’t prepare them for myself.

I’ve also been told by a dentist that I am a “Super taster” (I have more taste buds than the average person)  so flavors are a bit stronger for me, I notice them more. (So don’t try to put mustard or sour cream in something and try to fool me.  I’ll taste it. Seriously. Ask my family. I ALWAYS know. And don’t you dare try to pass of something with artificial sweetener off on me!   The point of this is, I don’t over season food. And spicy food can be a bit too much for me, hence my aversion to Mexican food (but I WILL eat it, as long as it doesn’t have sour cream on it!)

OK?  So there you go.  I am not picky!

I’m going to eat dinner.  It’s taco night.  Hold the sour cream and the lettuce.

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