I Went On a Date

Last night I went on a date.  It was with this guy. Ive known him for awhile now, but we haven’t really gone out in….oh….6 months. His name is Dave and he’s my husband.

My mom came over to watch Avery and give Dave and  I some much needed “alone” time.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE spending time with our baby girl. She’s pretty amazing and it can be hard to leave her, but, we also need time to be husband and wife, not just mommy and daddy.  It’s only healthy. I think a lot of couples can get in trouble when they focus everything on being parents, and don’t put any energy into their relationship. Dave and I don’t want to end up on the negative side of those divorce statistics, so we want to make sure that we continue to spend time on “us”  And, ya know, I think Avery enjoys a bit of a break from us, too.   I mean really, how many of  you want to spend every. waking. moment. with your parents?

I will say, for the first time, I did have some anxiety leaving Avery. I have gone out to events, or to dinner with friends and always been fine, but this was different. She was super cranky and clingy yesterday and I felt that she  knew something we didn’t.  Like she had some sort of premonition that we’d be killed in a firery accident. So, the drive to the restaurant stressed me out.  We did make it there (and home) alive. Obviously. (I’m not posting this from the great beyond, I swear) And Avery also survived her night with grandma (grandma survived too!)

We wanted to go someplace that we really couldn’t bring the baby.  For our anniversary we had gone to Foxwoods (not to gamble, just to eat) and thats a place you DEFINITELY can’t bring a baby. We were looking for more than just a sit down meal. So, we headed to Dave & Buster’s.  We got to race each other ( I won) Play Skeeball (I won) basketball (I won) and air hockey (You guessed it….I won)  All things you really can’t do while holding/bouncing/burping/entertaining an infant.



It was really nice to get out with my husband.  We got to do a few things we haven’t done in awhile:

  • We took the escalator.
  • We sat at the bar.
  • We had more than one drink (We had two drinks!!  Woooo!!)
  • I carried a purse.
  • We swore! Out loud!
  • We got to eat our dinner while it was still HOT!
  • We ordered food that was slightly complicated to eat (Dave had a messy cheeseburger, I had chicken that I had to cut up with. a. KNIFE. And we had fondue for dessert!)
  • We stayed out past 7pm
  • Not once did we speak in “baby talk”
  • We held hands
  • We engaged in Public Displays of Affection (I know, ew!)
  • Neither of us ended up with spit-up stains or smelled like rotten milk
  • We could focus on each other.  For the entire night.
  • We got to relax. For almost 4 straight hours!

It really was nice, we both had a great time and I can’t wait til the next one!


**We used all 2,400 of our prize tickets to buy Avery a stuffed dog wearing a Red Sox hoodie, and an owl nightlight**

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