I Watch Him Play

We’re definitely a baseball family. We watch games on TV and in person. Dave plays, and coaches Avery’s T-ball team, and I’m the Team Mom. At least 4 days a week we are going to games or practices, and the other 3 days we’re watching games, talking about baseball, or playing in the back yard.  We love baseball.

If you follow me on social media, you know that Avery and I have attended every one of Dave’s games this season.  (All 3 of them) And plan to attend all of his games. You’d also know that I’m usually the only wife there.  We sit in the cold, the wind, the rain…we sit and watch Dave play.


I have had other woman ask me why. “Why would you sit out there in the cold?  You’re CRAZY! I’d never do that!”

Ya know something?  I sit at those games and I ask myself “Why?” too.  But not “Why am I here?”   No. I ask “Why aren’t the other wives here?”

I understand that most have children, and the weather has totally SUCKED, and the games are typically later at night, ad maybe they’ll start coming once it starts to FEEL like Spring, and the kids are out of school… But, until that happens, I’ll sit in the stands with Avery, by ourselves, wrapped in a cozy blanket, hot coffee and cocoa in hand.

I’ll be there and I’ll watch him play.

So, WHY?  Why do I go?  Why do I sit in the cold? Why do I go to these games?

Because he’s my husband.

Dave doesn’t do much for himself. He works long hours, helping people transform their homes, create their dream, have a safe space to bring a new baby home to or a new space to share with their growing family. He works, and he builds, and he does it for others.   When he isn’t working, he’s doing something for our family. Be it taking care of the yard, fixing something that has broken, coaching Avery’s t-ball team, staying home with Avery so I can go to a work event or meeting. He does things for us. So when he mentioned that he’d like to get back into playing baseball I told him to go for it! I wanted him to have this one thing that was his. Something he could do just for himself.

I want him to know how much I appreciate all of his hard work, and the support he gives our family, and I want him to know that I support him, and support his team. I want him to have this…

So, I watch him play.12985532_10153588522101452_4807828029980697048_n

I love my husband, and not only do I want him to know that, I want Avery to know it as well. I want her to see that marriage is a partnership. Two people, supporting each other, cheering each other on. And while that may look different in other families, but in our family it involves attending our partner’s events. I feel that a very important part of a healthy marriage, is taking an interest in the activities that are important to your spouse.

So, I watch him play.12963357_10153587771816452_6286199487219171662_n

I also love baseball. Attending games is fun for me, win or lose. Especially when I have such a connection to the players. And Avery enjoys it as well. We don’t stay for the whole game, most times, because girlfriend needs to get her butt in bed. But she always cries when it’s time to leave “I don’t want to go! I want to watch daddy! I want to cheer for daddy!”

So, I watch him play.13063362_10153609801716452_1677364714520119896_o

I played football, back when I was young and dumb. Having fans cheering in the stands made us play harder, with more intensity. It meant so much to have friends and family, and strangers rooting for us. Maybe guys are different, and don’t care if their wives come or not, but I know I would care. I’d want my husband there cheering for me.

So, I watch him play.13094194_10153609810016452_1514264357747070869_n

I also want to teach Avery that we support our friends and family, in all their endeavors.  We support our friends in the activities that are important to them. You may not enjoy karate, but you go and cheer on your friend who is testing for his Black belt. You may have no interest in swimming, but you cheer on that friend competing in the state championship. You may not love baseball (who doesn’t love baseball??) but you cheer on your friend, even if it’s brutally cold and raining….

So, I watch him play. 13177579_10153621681551452_4575687434204159340_n

And of course, he looks SUPER HOT in a baseball uniform.

So, I watch him play.13138763_10153621691551452_1720352683502149507_n


  1. Heather @ Kraus House Mom says:

    All the kids go to each others games. If the games are at the same time we rush over to the other one to catch the end. There’s never been a choice. It’s what we do.My parents go to all of my kids’ games as well. Even though Maizie has no interest and uses her tablet covered by a blanket, she always tells them good game and gives them a hug. I even stay the whole time during practices. During football season we go to all of the high school’s games even though Ted is in the booth and we can’t see him. Everyone supports each other.

  2. Rachel says:

    You are such a good wife and mother. I would have done the same thing and supported my man too (unless it was way below freezing of course) but I think my kiddos and I could stand 40-60 degree weather with blankets.
    Rachel xo

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