I Saw Disneynature’s BEARS Twice…Today.


OK, well it was more like one and a half times.

After seeing the preview, Avery was asking me regularly to “Go see Bear movie?” and of course, I wasn’t going to crush my little animal lover’s dreams! After dance class we grabbed a quick lunch then headed over to the theater to see “the bear movie”

I’m not naive. I know that taking a two year old to a movie is risky business. You never know how they’ll behave, but, this isn’t our first rodeo. Avery has been seeing movies with me since she was a newborn (our local theater has “Baby Pictures” monthly where moms and dads can get out and enjoy a grown up movie with other moms and dad, in a setting comfortable for little ones) Most recently, she sat and stood mostly silently, enjoying FROZEN, so I was hoping Bears would be no different.

Yeah…well…It was different.

Avery wasn’t bad, she wasn’t misbehaving, she wasn’t throwing popcorn, kicking seats, crying, running around, etc. She was just very, very, VERY excited. And when Avery is excited, she let’s the word know it.

From the moment we pulled in the parking lot, she was excited…standing in line for tickets? Excited. Standing in line for popcorn? Excited. Walking towards the theater? You guess it. Even more excited.


The previews bored her (except for Monkey Kingdom–more on that later!) but as soon as the sweet little Scout and Amber appeared on the screen she started talking.

It went something like this:

“OH!!! Bears!! There is bears mommy! Mommy bear! Baby bear!! ‘Nother baby bear!”
“The bears are walking in the snow! They walking! Ohhhhh snowy! Snowy bears!”
“Ohhhh baby bears! Iss cute!! Iss so cute! Iss baby! Awwww baaay-bee”
“WOLF! Mommy! Iss a wolf? No…it’s fox! HAHA NO!! ISS WOLF!! SILLY WOLF!!”
“They swimmin! Swim, swim, swim baby bear!! Yay!! You swim! he swimmin!! Yay!”
“OH! Big, Big Bear! Mean!! *growl*roar*”
“HAHA Siiiilllllllyyyyyyyy!! He’s a silly bear!!”
“YAY!!! MOMMY BEAR!!!!!!!!”

So at this point, the folks in front of us had turned around and glared at us no less than 15 times, and they were making me feel like total crap. I mean, I’m not “that mom” who doesn’t care about the comfort of others. I do care! I don’t want to be the jerk who ruins everyone’s movie watching experience….so we left…

But really? I shouldn’t have. Avery was REALLY enjoying herself. And those people in front of us, the ones who seemed to think they were morally superior, yet brought in contraband soda, popcorn and candy? They shouldn’t have gone to a G rated, family movie, midday, during spring break, on Bargain Tuesdays, if they didn’t want to sit near excited kids!

So anyway….I was super bummed about missing the last half hour of the film (and much of the first hour, due to my focus on Avery) My WONDERFUL husband knew how much I wanted to see Bears, and how much I needed a little “mommy break” and sent me back to the theater tonight. Did I mention how wonderful he is? Yes? Well, he is. Wonderful.

Of course the guy at the ticket booth was the same guy who was there this morning and said “Wait a minute…..what movie did you see this morning…?” And the concessions guy? Yup! Same one as earlier…knew that I wanted butter on my popcorn, and asked if I wanted another bag of m&ms (I did not)

I went in to the same theater, and sat in the same seat, to watch the same movie. Fortunately, the same grumpy family was not sitting in front of me and I got to enjoy the film without audible sighs and glaring eyes!

Disneynature Bears 4/18 #disney #disneynature #bears

And it was amazing. truly amazing. The story is so sweet–bear moms aren’t all that different from human moms, and it’s amazing to see the love they have for their cubs and what lengths they’ll go to to protect them. (I definitely cried a few times) It was visually stunning (Alaska, man…that is absolutely God’s country! Nothing compares to that beauty and splendor!) there was suspense and humor, and John C. Reilly was fantastic! Definitely go see it! And stay for the credits to get a behind the scenes look at the making of the film. Pretty darn INCREDIBLE!

It isn’t like other nature films or shows you see on TV. You really felt like you knew the Bears and other animal “characters” Disneynature has done it again!

I’d see it again (maybe not tonight, though) and I cannot wait to get it on DVD so that Avery can watch it, and be as happy and excited and talkative as she wants, watching it in our living room!

OK, and remember how I mentioned Monkey Kingdom? Uhm…it looks AMAZING, and the preview gave me chills! I cannot wait to see it next year! Check it out:

How perfect is that Lorde’s song?



  1. Sue says:

    I didn’t really want to see this movie…until now! Thanks for the great review! Glad you got to see it in full! Sorry Avery didn’t…sounds like she was really enjoying herself!

  2. Beth @ TheAngelForever says:

    Oh Sarah, I am so sorry you felt like you needed to leave the earlier showing of the movie. Avery’s excitement is a beautiful thing and it is sad that others were unable to tolerate it for what it really was. Of course, I have to admit I probably would have packed up after the glares because I would not want to rock the boat and would have been biting my tongue not to say something to them.

    Kudos to Dave for telling you to go back tonight. I hope to see Bears with the kids because it sounds amazing.
    Beth @ TheAngelForever recently posted…Surgery Day and BeyondMy Profile

  3. Michele Graf says:

    Personally I feel that couple should have moved if they were uncomfortable. A Tuesday matinee movie on school vacation week comes with children buzz. Sounds like a great movie through. What a nice way to celebrate Earth Day.

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