I Look Down on Amy Glass and I’m Not Sorry

Dear Amy Glass,

I look down on mean girls with nothing better to do than write nasty, uneducated articles and I’m not sorry.

I had the misfortune of reading your post “I look down on young women with husbands and kids and I’m not sorry.” I say “misfortune” because, not only was it very, very poorly written, but, it really pissed me off (which I believe was your intent, along with boosting your Google Page rank–so..uh..congratulations on your success?).

I read this little piece of yours and my first reaction was anger. I had such a strong desire to punch you right in the throat. You deserve that. Your words were intended to hurt others, and I’m a big fan of revenge. Then I started to feel so incredibly sad for you. Sad because you apparently have never felt real love. Sad because you never will. Sad because you don’t even understand what love means. Sad because you are angry at people for choosing a path that is different than yours. Sad because you seem to be so unhappy and miserable in the life that you have chosen (or been forced in to?) I can’t imagine living a life of such deep sorrow and loneliness. Eh…you get it.  Sad.

I’d like to address some things you wrote.

First of all, you mention that  “We have baby showers and wedding parties as if it’s a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration to be able to get knocked up or find someone to walk down the aisle with. These aren’t accomplishments, they are actually super easy tasks, literally anyone can do them.” You know what?  You’re right!  Anyone CAN get married and have a baby. The thing is, it’s not just about getting married, it’s about committing yourself to a person, loving them through sickness and health, rich or poor. It’s about sharing your life with another person. It’s not about the wedding. It’s about the marriage. Yes, with some exceptions, anyone can “get knocked up” as you so eloquently put it, but not everyone can raise up a child in a loving home, guide them through life, and help them to become the most incredible person they can be.

We don’t throw showers because we think of these things as “accomplishments” we have showers because WE ARE HAPPY! We hare happy that our friend or family member has found a partner that loves them, and wishes to spend their life with them. We are HAPPY that a new, precious little baby is going to be born. We are HAPPY and we want to celebrate that happiness!

You think backpacking in Asia is an “accomplishment?”  Really?  Because ANYONE can do that, too. Anyone. You just need money, and a guide book. Oh, and despite your belief that you cannot do such things with a husband or a child, please tell that to all of my friends and family members who HAVE done such things. Backpacking in Europe, sailing around the world, biking across the country, landing their dream job and yes, even getting promotions at work! Hard to believe, I know, but YES! It CAN be done, pretty easily.

I got through this point in your article, thinking that you were just a clueless “kid,”  Then…I got to this line; “You will never have the time, energy, freedom or mobility to be exceptional if you have a husband and kids.” and I’ll admit, I threw up in my mouth a bit.

The thing is, there was a time in my life when I didn’t have a husband or kids “holding me back” I went to college, and graduated. Then I went back and graduated again, then I went back AGAIN, for fun. I landed dream jobs (and more dream jobs!) I traveled. I spent money on silly things, like happy hour with coworkers and designer suits. None of those things made me “exceptional” I wasn’t an exceptional graphic designer, or marketing manager. I may have done some exceptional work in those positions, but I wasn’t an exceptional human being.

Then I got married, and I had my daughter, and now I am much more “exceptional” raising a child, and being in a happy and loving partnership with my husband is much more “Exceptional” than designing a logo or creating an ad campaign. The work I did in my past  was nothing compared to the work I do as a mother and a wife. (And, for the record, I also work-successfully-from home.)

My MOM backpacked around Europe, alone (after her companions got homesick and abandoned her) as a young woman. She had a crazy adventure that included “kidnapping” in Greece, living with musicians and sunbathing at the Colosseum.  That didn’t make her exceptional. What made her exceptional was adopting a child, loving that child unconditionally and supporting that child through all her (my) crazy schemes, adventures and dreams.

Why do you think being alone is so great?

Without a husband, partner, family, who will be there for you? Who will celebrate with you when you get that promotion?  Who will cheer you on when you apply for that “dream job” who will support you when you make a career move?  Oh, that’s right!  Nobody.  Or maybe your hoard of cats.

I don’t talk about how “hard” it is to manage the household because I am covering for my lack of accomplishments.  I have a whole portfolio of accomplishments that I’d be more than happy to show you. I say it is hard to raise a family because it IS hard. (and completely worth it!) Not the laundry and cleaning, shoot, I am absolutely TERRIBLE at that stuff. It’s the emotional and psychological aspects that are “hard” That stuff, I don’t expect you to understand. You can’t understand it because you have never lived it. (And I pray to God that you never do, because you’d be far, FAR from exceptional at it.)

You think a doctors are so much more important that mothers? Who, exactly, do you think raised those folks, nurtured them, helped them with their homework, paid their college tuition, to become doctors?  Their moms did.

Amy, you are nothing close to exceptional. You…are mean, and sad.


Note: I didn’t write this to drive traffic to my bog, though that would be an awesome side effect. I wrote it because I can’t physically punch Amy Glass in the throat without going to jail, so I figure the next best, legal thing I could do was write about how terrible, and moronic she is!


    • Sarah says:

      THAT’S RIGHT!!!!
      I was just so disgusted that she “looks down on” mothers and wives! Who does that? I can *almost* understand those who take issue with stay at home moms (though I think they are still totally misguided) But to look down on ALL women who get married and/or have children? She’s bashing stay at home moms, working mothers, single mothers, married & childless women…She has pissed off pretty much everyone on the planet.

  1. Jen says:

    Her entire piece aggravated me, however, her “anyone can have kids” bit made me most upset. She assumes that anyone who has the ability to have sex can have a child. This is not the case. There are plenty of people I love dearly who could not get pregnant on their own (or even with some very expensive treatments). I consider my children “accomplishments”. While we didn’t need medical help, I had two miscarriages before having my son. While I had no control over my pregnancy- I consider carrying a child to term an accomplishment- because it is. In fact, my aunt (who suffered from infertility before finally carrying my cousin to term after several invitro attempts) was once asked what her greatest accomplishment was. Her answer was her son. The person who asked was taken back. I think no matter how easy or hard it was to create a life (or adopt or foster one!)- it is an accomplishment!

  2. Melissa Carrier (@Jemstaa) says:

    Awww Amy Glass, aren’t you cute? It’s too bad that anyone with that much hate in their heart could never be exceptional.

    And on a side note. Being a wife and a a mom has given me much more purpose to be exceptional in all aspects of my life that are truly important.
    Melissa Carrier (@Jemstaa) recently posted…Insta-WeekendMy Profile

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