I Don’t Hate Everything About RI

SO, people think that I hate EVERYTHING about Rhode Island. While I do hate a few things, and desperately want to move “home” to NY (I’m homesick!  My parents are homesick! My friends miss us all!) I don’t hate everything, and, in fact, there are some things I LOVE!  So, I thought I’d compile a list.





  1. My husband.  He was born here, raised here, and I met him here. Without Lil Rhody, I never would have met the most amazing person in my life and we never would have had the most amazing baby on the planet. Avery is also, technically a Rhode Islander, and I absolutely love her more than life itself.
  2. Rhode Island New Moms Connection.  For giving me a safe place to learn about myself as a woman and a mom. For helping me through those ROUGH first weeks, and the difficult first months and all that nasty PPD stuff. For introducing me to some amazing women/moms and for giving Avery a whole bunch of friends! Friendships that will last a lifetime.

  3. Roger Williams Park Zoo. My favorite place in the entire state! We’re members and I could visit the zoo every day!  It’s so wonderful to have such a great educational resource right in our backyard (Seriously, it’s less than 2 miles from our house!)
  4. Newport, Galilee, Tiverton, Block Island, & Bristol.

  5. Activities for the little ones.  There always seems to be something to do here with Avery. We go to story time at a few different Libraries (and we even have an adorable library on our street) There are “play places” and kids gyms all over the state, so we’re never “bored”
  6. Anchors.  That’s it.  I just love anchors, and they are kind of a symbol of the state.
  7. Minor League Sports. The Pawtucket Red Sox and the Providence Bruins. It’s nice to be able to go, as a family, to a sporting event and see “tomorrow’s stars, today”
  8. Waterfire. I really enjoy walking around Waterplace Park on summer evenings, watching them light the fires, listening to (often strange) music, people watching, and eating fried dough (or, “doughboys” as Rhode Islanders call it.)
  9. Gregg’s.  I love Gregg’s. I love being the youngest person in the restaurant by about 40 years. I love their rolls, and their cake, and their eclairs. I love the servers. I just love Gregg’s.
  10. Del’s Lemonade.
  11. I love that everything is nearby. Since we live in the middle of the state, nothing is ever more than an hour away.  It’s convenient. Want to go to the Beach? (I never do, but, if I did….) it’s less than an hour.  Want to go to the City?  It’s less than an hour (it’s minutes from us, actually) Looking for farms?  Forrest? Less than an hour away! Actual Rhode Islander’s may disagree, but nothing is far. NOTHING.
  12. Bike Paths.  I don’t even have a bike anymore, but I love walking the bike paths all across the state.
  13. RISPCA. Where we adopted Daisy.
  14. Being super close to Boston.
  15. My fellow Rhody Bloggers/Rhode Island Digital Media Women. A support system for everything, not just blogging. Some of whom have become my closest friends.


  1. Liza Glick says:

    Glad to see there are some things you like! I like a lot of the same things. Maybe I can introduce you to some new favorites and then you won’t want to leave as much :(

  2. Jane - MomGenerations.com says:

    OMG, Gregg’s RULES! I’ve never had their eclairs, but I’m obsessed with their rolls and cakes, too. And if you go at 6pm the dinner crowd has already come and gone! LOL I like Sheri’s idea of making it a Rhody Blogger’s trip!

  3. Jackie says:

    You crack me up. I grew up in TX and came here to visit relatives every year. This list serves a refreshing reminder for such a dull winter day – I can’t thank you enough! I love it here, and hate it some days too. 😉 But RI in the summer, isn’t it like heaven??!! And Del’s…I mean, come on. It’s like buttah! Now, go to the muuuaaaalll with Linder and Daaaawwwwwwwn and then hit Gregg’s for suuum dulicious deesssseeehhhts like Death by Choooooooocolate. 😉

  4. Jodi says:

    I love all the same things you listed! I’m from Mass and always thought of RI as the “fake state”. It was just a place to pass through on the way to CT or NY. But now I love it and it is so different from Mass lifestyle wise. I spent summahs sitting in 2-3 hr cape traffic just to hit the beach. Love that I can get there in 30 mins or less and have my kids napping all in one afternoon! For a small state it has so many treasures to explore!

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