I Didn’t Win, But I Can Still LOSE!

Ya know that contest I was tweeting, pinning, blogging, Instagramming and flooding your Facebook feeds about?

I didn’t win.

I’m really bummed and disappointed. I can’t help it. Normally I am a pessimist. I NEVER think I can win anything. It’s good because I’m never disappointed.  This was different. In my mind and in my heart I HAD THIS!  I had won. I knew it. How could I NOT? Thousands of followers across Social Media, a definite NEED for the program and of course I had all YOU amazing supporters!  Retweeting, commenting, following, voting, everything. You guys did everything I asked and more!  I was focused, I was all in. So, I knew that I would win. I don’t think I even had a shred of doubt.

I was cocky…and…

I was WRONG. Totally wrong. I didn’t win. And I was very disappointed.

I’m sure that’s so silly, but when you are so incredibly hopeful, and invested in something….something that you really, truly NEED…it’s hard to say “Oh well, better luck next time”

That said… while I lost the contest, and can’t move forward in the ways I had planned, I will still reach my goals.

I have to.

For me.

For Dave.

For Avery.

For you guys who are cheering me on! (And I know some of you would literally kick my butt if I didn’t follow through on this!)

It may take me longer, It may be harder, but I’m going to do it!!

Let’s just revisit WHY I need to do this….

Here is a visual of where I am now and where I was and want to be….

photo 3

photo 1

Seeing it laid out like that…ugh… I need to make a change!

I fit in to that Stones shirt and those light jeans when I met Dave in 2009.  I am fully aware that my body has changed due to giving birth. Babies cause a bit of destruction (all totally worth it, of course!) and I may never be able to get those jeans on, but I’d love to come close!

So where am I starting?

Here….with blood work!  I need to find out if there is anything going on physiologically…because if there is an underlying medical issue, I can work my butt off and not see results (which has been my issue in the past) I will still see Dr. Petteruti for this, as he really takes this aspect of weight loss seriously, where many others do not!

photo 2

Let me be perfectly clear. I will NOT use any of these test results as an EXCUSE. (I have a damn tumor or alien or whatever in my spinal cord that makes my extremities numb and my breathing labored, and I’ve never used that as an excuse, so no test results will make me “give up” on this! They will just show me what is going on on the inside, and help me find ways to boost any impact my fitness and diet have on the outside!

And This:

photo 1

photo 2

We did our weekly shopping tonight and we stocked up on good stuff! (missing from the top photo is the cucumber that we can’t seem to find….)

I bought a bunch of seltzer (which I let go flat haha) and veggies to eat when I’m feeling a snack craving coming and as recommended by a friend who lost a lot of weight herself,  clementines for when I have a sugar craving!!

And then there will be this stuff:

PicMonkey CollageSince I cannot afford any of the local Functional Fitness type gyms, I will be setting up my own, at home in the back yard!  (Don’t worry, I have been taught proper form!!) So I can do these awesome workouts while Avery naps and in the evening when Dave gets home!!

I’m going to look for (and see if I can afford) a trainer…and weigh my options with a few other gyms (I will probably go back to the Y since it’s most affordable and has child care!) and I’m going to do my best to keep focused on strength and not lose my motivation if I get “bored” but instead, find new ways to work out!

The best thing is that I have the full support of my awesome husband!  With his support, and the support (and arse kicking from all of YOU) I know I can do this!

So, while I didn’t win the contest…..in the end I will still be a winner by LOSING weight and becoming a healthier and happier version of me!

Thank you again for all your love and support!  It means the world to me!!




  1. Kim Ziemak says:

    God luck, Sarah!!! I will be on this journey with you! It’s been 8 years since Genavieve was born and I still haven’t gotten back to my old size. I actually list a bit of weight a few years ago, but gained it back…AND MORE. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and I feel like CRAP. I’m ready to go ALL IN with you! Let’s hold each other accountable! Let’s do it!!!!!!

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