Holiday Decorating with LightKeeper Pro #WattsUp

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Lightkeeper Pro holiday decorating


Can you tell I’m excited??  Just a little!  I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about it! Spending time with family, the Christmas story, Santa, presents, the food, the MAGIC of the season, and of course, decorating our house! There is something so cozy about having all your holiday decorations out, it makes me want to spend time at home–curled up under a blanket with hot cocoa and a Christmas movie on the tv!

This year, I almost passed that all up!  You see, Last year we didn’t decorate. We didn’t ever put up a tree. We were on vacation in Florida, and returned home on the 19th, then we spent Christmas in NY with my family, and the following weekend we were back in NY for my

cousin’s wedding. There wasn’t any time to put up a tree, and we wouldn’t be home to enjoy it anyway.  This year?  I wasn’t feeling it.  I kind of liked how easy it was to just move in to the New Year without a tree and eleventh billion ornaments to put away. I was also stressing about how Avery would deal with the tree. I had visions of smashed heirloom ornaments, and falling trees! We also have turned out living room in to Avery’s play land and we just did not have the room for a tree without putting ALL her toys in storage.

Then I had an idea! What if I bought a tiny little tree, an AVERY SIZED tree!  It wouldn’t take up much space and it would fill the room with Christmas spirit!

So I went out and bought a 4ft tree for $12!  I’ve always wanted a white tree, but never had the jingle-bells to buy one. I always thought I’d get sick of it, and wish I had a traditional tree, but now was my chance!

I brought the tree home, and set it up, decorating it with shatter-proof ornaments and lights that we had from Christmas past….

The next morning, Avery awoke to her very own tree!!!

“Oh Boy!!” she shouted, “WOW!!! COOL!!” She loved it!

Avery's Christmas tree

She even set all her stuffed animals around it so they could enjoy her tree!

So, so cute!

Fortunately all the lights on the string worked, but had they not, I was prepared!

LIGHTKeeper Pro Christmas tree lights

I had our trusty LightKeeper Pro!

We’ve all been there!  You spend a ton of money on your holiday decorations, you buy that top of the line pre-lit tree and when you get it all set up, you plug it in only to find that the lights aren’t working! Your screams can be heard at the North Pole!

LightKeeper Pro solves the problems!

Here is a little more information from the LightKeeper Pro website:

Most miniature Holiday Light set failures occur when an individual bulb “shunt” fails to energize. These shunts are energized when a filament burns out. This causes a section of lights, usually 35 or 50, to go out instead of just one light bulb. This is because miniature light sets are wired in “series” and electricity must flow through each bulb, to the next, for them to light.The LightKeeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through the defective bulb, clearing the shunt. This allows it to operate properly. The current can then flow through the light set completing the circuit and illuminating the other bulbs.

After setting up Avery’s tree it was time to work on the outside of the house! This is Dave’s job because it involves climbing ladders in high winds, freezing temps and snowy conditions. (There is no hazard pay)

First we got out of favorite little snowman buddy. We plugged him in an *womp womp* his head didn’t light up!!!! I may have freaked out a little, but then I calmed down and grabbed the LightKeeper Pro and put dave to work!

He was able to identify the rogue bulb, and fix it!!  It was nothing short of amazing! We didn’t need to replace any bulbs at all (which was good because we didn’t have any replacements!)

LIGHTkeeper pro snowman

He’s so much cuter with ALL his lights lit!

Then I sent Dave out in to the blizzard to finish the job!

Outdoor decorations lights lightkeeper pro

I think he did pretty well! (Thank you, Dave!!)

I was really impressed with the LightKeeper Pro! I never realized that strings of lights could be fixed! For  $20 you can fix lights, rather than spend even more purchasing new light sets, or a new tree!!

LightKeeper Pro is available at many major retailers including Target, Walmart, ACE Hardware, Home Depot and Lowes.

For more information you can find LIGHTkeeper Pro on Facebook:, Twitter: @LightkeeperPro and Pinterest:!

And don’t forget to share photos of your holiday decorations using the hashtag #WattsUp

And if doesn’t have the answer you’re looking for you can call 888-ULTA-LIT (888-858-2548) to solve your lighting dilemmas all year!! During the busy decorating season (from Thanksgiving to Christmas), they are there to answer all your questions, seven days a week from 9-5 PM (Central). Now THAT is great service!

Now, who wants to win a LightKeeper Pro of their own??

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  1. Kristin Werner says:

    I dread plugging in the tree every year. I think that this device would calm my fears. I never knew something like this existed.

  2. Nina says:

    What I love most about The holidays is that it brings a feeling of warmth and cheer, to me. I love the magic that surrounds this time of year and the feeling I get when giving to others.

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