Who Is Your Hero? A Super Father’s Day Gift #sponsored

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Honor Your Hero Superman Hall of Heros #sponsored

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I want to ask you a question.  Who is your Hero?

We all have heroes in our lives. Of course first responders, doctors, teachers and military personnel would be on most of our lists, but what about dads? What about husbands?

I have two heroes in my life. My father and my husband.  They are both incredible men who have shown me what a real man looks like, and how a real man acts.

They are both compassionate, hard-working, strong, brave, honorable, generous, hard-working, and full of love. They both put up with my shenanigans and can make me laugh like nobody else.

My dad taught me what hard work is about. He owned his own business, a gas station, for years. The he went back to school and became a lab tech. After awhile, he went back to school again and became a nurse. He is still working as a nurse, in a nursing home caring for others. His work ethic is the strongest I’ve ever seen, and he rarely missed a day of work or took a vacation (until he had hip replacement surgery a few months ago)  He also cares for my grandmother, something he has been doing for 16 years now.

My dad also taught me that I deserved the best.   I don’t mean diamonds and designer bags, or 5 star resorts and luxury cars. My dad taught me that I deserve only the best man in my life.

I found that best man when I met my husband.  Another guy with an incredibly strong work ethic who takes care of me, and our daughter, and would do anything for us.  He works his day job, then comes home and works for himself. He spends his Saturdays working, and provides for his family. Sunday he reserves for family time, and tried to never disappoint his girls. He also helps with making dinner, cleaning, taking care of Avery and anything else I ask of him. He has stood by my side through very difficult times, including medical scares, and postpartum depression. He is talented and smart, and kind to others.

Father's Day 2013

Father’s Day 2013

Both my father & my husband are my rocks. They both amaze me more every day with their strength and their hearts and I don’t know where I’d be today, without them.

For Father’s Day I wanted to show them both that they are my heroes by inducting them into the Superman Hall of Heroes.

The Superman Hall of Heroes honors real everyday heroes — the people who make a positive difference in the lives of others. We celebrate the good in the world, from local heroes to national celebrities with philanthropic missions and personal stories of inspiration. The Superman Hall of Heroes focuses on the positive and reinforces the universal tenet that good does indeed triumph over evil.

I love this program. Not only can you induct your Hero into the Hall, but you can get them a gift package to commemorate their induction!  There are all different packages, including one made just for Supergirls and another for sports lovers. Prices range from $4.99 to $49.99 so there is something for every budget, and through Father’s Day, a portion of the proceeds from sales of Superman Hall of Heroes packages will go to The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Superman Hall of Heros Gift  for Father's Day #sponsored

It’s such an incredible and inspiring gift for the hero in your life!

Who is your hero?  Let them, and the world know, today!

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