Here By Way of the “Madonna Cone Bra”

So Sweet Lil You is almost a year old, and I thought it would be fun to write up a list of the most amazing search terms that brought people to the blog!

The majority stem from This post: HERE  about the Toddlers and Tiaras kid who wore this:


The most common terms are “Daddy Doody Survival Kit” and “Poppy Burge”  People also land here when they search for “Disney babymoon” and “Pregnancy Brain”  But there are some that make my laugh, shake my head, and/or nearly faint, and here are a few, in no particular order:

Drum roll please……

  • booty shaking kids (This is a bit disturbing)
  • does labor feel like insides ripped apart (Yes, yes it does)
  • rabbit playing with a harmonica (You won’t find this on my blog, but let me know where you DO find it!)
  • tall teenagers blonde with zits (What?)
  • i love god but it’s the people i can’t stand (Someone’s pet got on the internets!)
  •  really ugly girls 15 years old blue eyes blondish brown hair (Someone you know?)
  • sorry you are ugly (I’m sorry you’re mean)
  • blisters around your eyes (You shouldn’t be Googling! You should be heading to the ER!)
  • bummed out squirrels  (Poor squirrels! “Someone stole the nuts”)
  • blogher pr girl drunk (What?!  Who?!?)
  • always eye on friends food (I’m NOT sharing!)
  • newspaper full of weed (You’ve come to the WRONG place for that)
  • babies gone wild (Are they on Spring Break?)
  • don’t sun-starve your baby (But she’s so pale!)
  • now let me see something hot (OK!)
  • no one cares unless you’re pretty or dying (Hmmm…..well, this is sad…)
  • pregnant nazi (there are no words…)
  • gas is high and woman still think we coming over to chill (What?  She crazy!)
  • i wish i cared about the things you care about but i don’t (I don’t care either!)
  • why do sweet cute girls attract creepers (I ask myself this every day!)
  • an owl screaming and in tears because its life amounted to nothing (Why are there so many unhappy animals?)
  • attack squirrel (Are they easy to train?)
  • my dad is a real man and my husband isnt (yikes…)
  • rolling weed on girls butt (I don’t even want to know….but how did this land you on MY blog?!)
  • cuteis babys in the world (Yup!  Avery is the “cuteis”)
  • And so many more…..

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