Where it all began…

March 8th 1982, a woman goes into labor. The room should be filled with joy, but that’s not the case. The timing is all wrong. The baby’s father is married. To another woman. The baby’s mother cannot raise this child alone. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to. Regardless of her reasons this baby is not to be hers.

April 19th 1982, a baby is reborn, into a new life with new parents. The room is filled with joy this time around. The baby’s mom and dad are married, and happy. They want to raise this child. This child is theirs.


    • Sarah says:

      Thank you :)

      The process of course isn’t simple…there are lawyers and social services and drama involved. But at its core, it is simple. There is a baby who needs parents, and there are parents who want a baby, and together they make a family.

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