Happy Birthday, Dave!

Avery and Daddy at EdavilleToday is Dave’s birthday and right now, I’m on a plane somewhere over the frozen Northeast, on my way to Florida.

I’m terrible.

Dave is the most incredible, and selfless husband and father. Where I’d be saying “NO WAY are you going on a trip, without me, on my birthday!” Dave said “Go, you deserve it! Do this for you! Have fun!”

He’s a better person than I am.

He’s the best.

The best husband.

The best father.

And it’s his birthday, and I’m not there.

Birthdays mean more to me than they do to Dave. For him it’s “just another day” or so he says.

His birthday means so much to me, though, and I’m sad that I’m not spending his day with him.

It wasn’t intentional, it’s just how the plan worked out, and the flights were the least expensive and, and, and…I suck.

I’m missing his BIRTHDAY!!!!

Or, maybe me going away is actually a gift.

Yeah, that’s it! Happy Birthday, babe! 4 days where you don’t have to deal with me 😉

Thank you to the sweetest most caring man I’ve ever known. Thank you so much for giving me this gift, the gift of some much needed “me time” the gift of a few days to relax and rejuvenate. Thank you for giving me this gift, on your birthday.

I promise to make it up to you!

I love you so much, Happy Birthday!

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