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Tangles, frizzies, flakiness, bedhead, lice—the challenges of kids’ hair have finally met their match.  Clean, healthy, non-toxic formulas that deliver great results, fast, every time:  SoCozy Hush

One of my biggest (and most ridiculous) concerns when I found out I was having a daughter, was “What will I do with her hair?”  As a woman who knows two styles–down and ponytail–I was worried I’d be incapable of styling my daughter’s hair. I watched tutorials on YouTube, read baby and toddler hairstyle websites, and practiced. I realized pretty quickly, that for me at least, it is much easier to do someone elses hair than to style my own. Thank goodness, because I have a daughter who wants “Elsa’s braid!” or “Anna pigtails!” or “Merida curls!”  (Sorry, kid, that last one isn’t gonna happen!!)

I spend a lot of time doing Avery’s hair. We style it in the morning before school. I usually have to do something with it after school. Then again before dance class or tball practice.  I have to put braids in before tball games, and then comb out the rats nest of helmet hair after games.

When I saw the new  SoCozy Hush collection at Target, I knew I wanted to try it out! The Hush line is dermatologist and allergy tested to treat sensitive scalp, and I was very hopeful that these products would be perfect for Avery!

I also wanted to make sure I had it all in one spot, safe, not lost somewhere in the abyss of our home.  In the past, I’ve spent more time looking for brushes, spray bottles, detangler, clips, rubber bands, etc. than actually doing her hair. “WHERE IS YOUR BRUSH!” became my morning mantra.   So, I put together a simple, On-The-Go Hairstyle Kit!!

SoCozy hair productsI happened to find a cute little utensil basket in the dollar spot. It looked like it would be perfect for holding all our hair styling essentials, and I loved that it had a handle to make it easy to take with us from room to room, or when we needed it on the go!  I also picked up a small organizing box, and put all our rubber bands in that, separated by color, of course! SoCozy Hush Styling productsThen I filled our kit with everything we use:

It’s perfect, and so far, I haven’t lost anything!!

travel hair kit socozy hushWhile we’re on the topic of hair, let’s talk about Avery’s. It’s beautiful, of course, but we have a few issues. One being that at 5 years old, we’re still dealing with cradle cap. (Is it still called cradle cap on a 5 year old?)

We’ve tried oils (olive and coconut) They didn’t work and left her incredibly greasy even after multiple shampoos. Then I had found one product that worked very well, and they no longer make it.  I had kind of given up, since it wasn’t bothering her. But, when I saw SoCozy Sensitive Scalp Serum I wanted to give it a try. It’s a non-greasy, leave-in product that is meant to help reduce flakes, stop itching, and calm an irritated scalp. It sounded like exactly what we needed!

I massaged the serum into her scalp, focusing on the dry, flaky areas and that was it! SoCozy Hush Sensitive 2 in 1 shampoo

Later at bath time, we used the  2in1 Soothing Shampoo + Conditioner. I love the attached soft massaging brush!!  I used that to lift away some of the flakes, and massaged the shampoo into her hair. It lathered up really well, and rinsed out easily–and without tears!!

Did it work?  You be the judge…SoCozy Scalp serumWhile there are still a few small patches of cradle cap/flaky scalp, it is SO MUCH better after just one use!! I’m excited to have found a product that I think will really help with this issue!  FINALLY!!

Along with the lovely strawberry-blode color, I blessed Avery with a ton of super-fine hair. It is always a tangled mess. SoCozy Hush Sensitive Detangler is my new go-to after a bath! (and throughout the day, when needed) It doesn’t leave Avery’s hair feeling sticky like other detanglers we’ve tried, I wasn’t worried about it making her scalp feel itchy,  and it actually worked!It makes for far fewer tears during brushing!

We also tried the Sensitive Styling Foam over Easter, and it gave her hair more bounce, and didn’t weigh it down (I was really surprised!!) and i was able to curl her hair a bit, though not quite like Merida! SoCozy Hush product line I’m really loving the Hush line, and I think Avery is too since she hasn’t been fighting bath time as much (It may be that massaging brush!!) I also love that I can feel good about using these products. SoCozy is free of:

-Propylene Glycol
-Synthetic Color
And, it is Dermatologist  and Allergy Tested (and free of gluten, wheat, and nuts!)
You can find the SoCozy Hush line of products at Target, in the baby care aisle!

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