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Disclosure-I was given a Moff Band to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.Moff Band ReviewAs you know, I work from home. And I’ll be the first to tell you that it really is great. Truly. While I do miss the adult interaction of going to the office, I love that I can be home with Avery, and attend all her activities, while still bringing home the bacon. That said, it can also be very hard. You see, toddlers seem to think the world revolves around them, and desire your full attention. All. The. Time.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. Honestly, Avery is a really great only child. She entertains herself, and understands that sometimes mommy needs to concentrate on her work.  But, she is a toddler, and her attention span is often quite short. There are times where she goes from activity to activity like a hummingbird on Red Bull. On those days, I need to pull out all the stops. moff band appI was introduced to the Moff Band at Sweet Suite this summer. I was intrigued, it seemed like something Avery would love.

So what is it?

Moff is a simple, wrap around band that you wear on your wrist. It interacts with a free app on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. The wearer is able to move it, shake it, jump, dance, shimmy, shuffle, MOVE and create fun sounds.

You can pretend to be the drummer or guitarist in a rock band, imagine yourself on the PGA tour, on the court at Wimbeldon, or at bat in the World Series, cook up something delicious or play ninja in your living room. Avery’s favorite was creating new magic spells with just the flip of her wrist!

moff drumsI loved that there were so many different sounds she could create, which kept her occupied, and really go her using her imagination. It’s also a app that keeps kids ACTIVE! They aren’t just sitting on the couch, sucked into the screen. They are up, moving around the room. (Once paired up via Bluetooth, the Moff Band can be up to 30ft away from the device.)Moff active app for kidsMoff is recommended for ages 3-12, but kids and kids at heart of any age will love it! One device (phone, tablet, etc.) can support two Moff Bands at once, so your kids can play together!

New sounds are updated often through the Moff app and Parental Control allows individual sounds to be hidden. The band comes in orange, pink, and blue! You can purchase your Moff HERE

Check out the Moff in action in this video! You can see how much Avery enjoys it!

Moff MagicFor more info check out Moff HERE and follow them on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

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