Get To Know Me! 11 Questions, 4 Answers!

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic recently. There have been many links shared on the interwebs that have brought me back to my youth. Memories of Dreamphone and Mall Madness. Dave Matthews Band concerts and parties at the lake. Making friendship bracelets, and getting in trouble for bringing slap bracelets to school (Remember how that one kid that went to that other school a couple of towns away died accidentally slicing their wrist with that blade-like accessory and you know it’s true because your mom’s best friend’s hair dresser’s sister’s dog walker’s son went to school with that kid?!?!)

So after seeing this fun survey posted by a friend I was all “OMG!! It’s like a MySpace Survey!!! Maybe I can get all philosophical, and quote my favorite indie song, and answer passive aggressively, just. Like. High. School!”

It’s really not that kind of survey though. This is more of a “Get to know me” thing. 4×11  11 topics, 4 answers to each.

Sarah B - Sweet Lil You

So, let’s go!

-4 names people like to call you other than your real name:

  1. Mom/mommy
  2. Punk/punkin: My dad has always called me this, and I’ve started calling Avery punk, too!
  3. Lucille: My mom calls me this. I’m not 100% sure why! I think it started with then calling me Sarah Lou (My middle name is Louise) and it just evolved.
  4. Hovey: Many of my college friends call me by my maiden name. Avery has taken to calling me this as well!

– 4 jobs you’ve had

  1. Massage Therapist
  2. Graphic Designer at an advertising agency
  3. Marketing Manager for a company that made floral picks
  4. Retail–lot’s and lots of retail! (Kid’s Stuff, Target, Christmas Tree Shops-for a day, Babies R Us, Sports Authority…I think that’s it)

– 4 movies you’ve seen more than once

  1. Jaws
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

– 4 books you’d recommend

  1. Whistling in the Dark, Lesley Kagen
  2. Rise And Walk, Dennis Byrd
  3. All Souls: A Family Story From Southie, Michael Patrick MacDonald
  4. Anything written by Augusten Burroughs

– 4 places you’ve lived

  1. Poestenkill, NY
  2. Brunswick, NY
  3. Broken Arrow, OK
  4. Rhode Island

– 4 places you’ve visited

  1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  2. The Bahamas
  3. San Francisco
  4. New Orleans

– 4 places you’d rather be right now

  1. Disney World
  2. Atlantis
  3. Disney World
  4. Poestenkill

– 4 things you don’t eat

  1. Cream Cheese
  2. Sour Cream
  3. Mayo
  4. Any dip/sauce/dressing involving any of the above ingredients.

– 4 of your favorite foods

  1. Bread & butter
  2. Rice
  3. pineapple
  4. cupcakes

– 4 TV shows you watch

  1. Nashville
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Intervention
  4. The entire Disney Junior lineup.

– 4 things you’re always saying

  1. “Daisy! Stop whining/barking/begging!”
  2. “Dude”
  3. “No worries!”
  4. “Oh my god/gosh/goodness”

There you have it! Me in a nutshell!

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**I grabbed this from April at Land of Starry Nights, who borrowed it from Rachel of Styles and Smarts, who took it from Michelle over at Mich Mash, who got it from someone else on some other blog!**

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