Funny Friday

Every Friday I’m going to be writing about the funny things that Avery does or says. It’s not just a way to make you guys laugh (hopefully) but also a journal of sorts so I can remember all these gems! ENJOY!

 Avery sleeping in the target cart

“Look mommy!  I’m playin my toobump!” (tuba)

Eating an ice cream cone (just the cone) “Thank you for the pine cone, mommy!”

“Mommy, are you drinkin’ your nemon wade?” (lemonade)

After pooping in the potty for the first time “Whoa! J—s! It’s big one! It’s gonna stink up the house! Take a picture and show daddy!”

After I told her to stop climbing on the arm of the couch “I NEVER GIVE UP!!”

“You have a boo-boo on your elmo?”  (elbow)

I was turning on The Lion King and told Avery it was a movie about lions, the DVD menu opens with Zazu (the bird) and Avery says “Uhmmmm…Mommmyyyy…That’s not a lion, that’s a BIRD! Nope. Not a lion at all!”

Daisy barking “Hey Daisy, stop messin around!”

“I have the pick ups!” (hiccups)

To a little girl from her dance class “Come on!  Let’s go get out of here where mommy can’t see us!”

 Avery's ear protection

See you here next Friday for more funnies from Avery!

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