Funny Friday 9/8/14

Eeeeek, So I haven’t been keeping up on this, but here is this week’s Funny Friday!

Adorable and funny picture of Avery playing peek a boo

Avery: “I can’t drink this milk!!! It has strawberries in it!!”
Me: “No, it doesn’t, It only has milk, it’s safe!”
Avery: “Oh, I mean it has MATOES in it!!! I need apple juice instead!”

Clearly she now understands that she is allergic to strawberries and tomatoes and is using it to her advantage…


Daisy was outside, and barked a few times when she wanted to come in.  From her crib, Avery shouted “STOP BARKING, DAISY!! I’M STILL TRYIN’ TO SLEEP!”


Avery’s new favorite thing to say is “Me three!”
For example:
Me: “I want to go to Target!”
Avery: “ME THREE!”
Me: I really love going to Target!”
Avery: “ME THREE!”


Avery: “Hi girl, I’m Avery!”
Girl: “Hi, I’m Charlotte.”
Avery: “Uhm…nope. You’re  not. You are Doc McStuffins.”


she ran away to neverland

The above photo is from the day she decided to run away with Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but realized she didn’t have her sword. It was ok though, because Jake would give her one when she got there… “I’m so sorry mommy, but I have to go! BYE!!”


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