Funny Friday 8/22/14


“AveryCDEFG next time we’ll sleep with you”


While eating frozen yogurt: “Oh no mommy!  This hand is gonna be so sad! (Why?  Why is that hand sad?) A-cuz it’s not getting to hold the spoon!”


Dave put on gloves to replace a bulb in my car, and Avery said “Wow Daddy!  You are wearing

gloves like Princess Anna’s gloves!!”


A few hours after a major meltdown “Oh!  Hey! I’m not cryin anymore! I’m not sad anymore! I’m not mad anymore! I am HAPPY!!”


“I wanna go to an ice buckin’ challenge!


“I want to go on the horseys (carousel) with you mommy! And Daddy and Daisy (our dog)! Daisy can just stand next to the horsey!”


“I want to do Roack-a-Baby so I can SHAKE MY ‘RACAS!!”



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