Field Station: Dinosaurs! An Adventure Back in Time

I love dinosaurs.  I always have. I’m “that girl” who wanted pet lizards because they looked like tiny dinos, and thought that one day, I’d be a paleontologist, or at least marry Dr. Grant (from Jurassic Park…which I saw in the theater 5 times) My father and I wrote lyrics to the Jurassic Park Theme song (“Don’t go out…After Dark…In Jura-a-a-ssic Paaaark…you’ll be ea-eaten fo-or sure…by a di-i-i-nosaur….”) Yeah.  I love dinosaurs.

This weekend our family had the chance to travel 90 million years back in time and visit Field Station: Dinosaurs in New Jersey!  At the last minute, Dave had to work, and couldn’t make the trip with us, but I was still determined to go. I couldn’t pass up a chance to hang out with the dinos!!

The Field Station is an outdoor exhibition with 31 life sized animatronic dinosaurs. We are a walking park with games, workshops and entertainment along the way. Guests will be given a trail map with a schedule of daily activities to plan their self-guided expedition.

We left around 9am for our 3.5 hour drive down to NJ.  The traffic wasn’t bad, Avery napped for two hours, happily ate animal crackers for the other hour and a half, and before we knew it, we were there!

Field Station: Dinosaurs


We were given our Commander’s Passes, map and schedule of daily events and off we went in to the Cretaceous/Jurassic/Permian period!

Field Station: Dinosaurs map guide books commanders


The park is set up like a real Paleontology field station, you feel like you’ve just walked in to a real life dig!



We saw so many dinosaurs! In fact, the park is home to over 30 life size, animatronic, and incredibly realistic dinosaurs! Every where you looked, there was another one, roaring!

The TriSARAHtops…I mean…Triceratops, was our favorite….

Field Stations: DinosaursField Stations: DinosaursField Stations: Dinosaurs


Each dinosaur is marked with an incredibly informative sign, explaining all about them! It’s a great learning experience for all budding paleontologists! And make sure you check out each sign as there are some funny jokes and comical images thrown in there as well!

informative signs



triceratops on a tricycle


The dinos alone make Field Station: Dinosaurs worth the trip, but there is so much more!!  Every day they have a full schedule of events!  Every minute of the day there is a show, or a game or other activity to participate in!  Avery and I watched the DINO WHODUNIT show in the Amphitheater,  played MESOZOIC CONCENTRATION and RAPTOR FEUD and enjoyed learning about one theory of the dinosaur extinction at the AVIAN DINOSAURS show! We also got to hear the fabulous and informative songs of the Dinosaur Troubadour!

Since we had the Commander’s Pass, we were able to enjoy a very nice story time and baby dinosaur feeding in the Commander’s Tent! (The Commander’s Pass Includes access to the air-conditioned Commander’s Tent with special programming and 3D movie Dinosaurs Alive!)

Field Stations: Dinosaurs fun and games!


Avery really loved the baby “dogs”  (Every animal is a dog, and she loves them ALL equally)

Baby dino feeding


She even loved the Velociraptors….who she tried to share her pretzel with!

hand feeding velociraptors



She had no fear of the massive Argentinosaurus!
T Rex view


Check out the amazing view!!

T Rex NYC view


Besides the numerous shows and activities, you can view the 3D film “Dinosaurs Alive!”  andTravel to the deserts of Mongolia and New Mexico on an expedition of discovery in 3D. Find fossils and uncover scientifically accurate computer generated dinosaurs as they come to life on the giant screen. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to view this film as I thought Avery may get freaked out, and clearly not appreciate the 3D experience, we will definitely check it out on our next visit!

Another activity that we didn’t get to participate in was The Fossil Dig Site — 
Buried treasures abound at New Jersey’s most popular dig site. Giant dinosaur skeletons and real prehistoric fossils lurk beneath the surface just waiting to be unearthed. Join our team of paleontologists and see what it’s like to work on a real scientific expedition. Recommended for scientists ages three through nine.

It looked like a lot of fun, but at her age, Avery would have just eaten the sand….

the fossil dig site


The park is fully ADA equipped and has wheelchair-accessible and very well maintained paths.  Wheelchairs are available for rent at the Box Office. Strollers and lockers are also available to rent.

accesible trails


And trails are very well marked!  You’ll have no trouble finding your way around the 20 acre park! IMG_1987


Food is available for purchase and they have everything from your standard hot dogs and cheeseburgers, to veggie burgers and gourmet popcorn!



Another “highlight” for us, was the baby changing area!!  I had noticed when we arrived that the restroom facilities were port-a-john style (Please note: They are large, and incredibly clean!) I was concerned about where I would change Avery’s diaper.  Then I saw this:

baby changing station


They really thought of everything!!

If you live in the area, you may also be interested to know that you can celebrate your birthday at the park!  There was a party going on during our visit and they seemed to be having a blast!! They set up a private party tent, and took the groups to all the different activities! It seemed like such a fun party idea, and very unique!

private party tent


And of course….there is a gift shop!!


tricera shops


Avery and I had such a great time, and I am so glad that I decided to make the trek, even without my co-pilot, Dave!  I can’t wait to visit Field Station: Dinosaurs again!  It truly is an exciting experience, and incredibly educational!  I consider myself pretty dino-savy, but I learned quite a bit! I think kids of all ages would enjoy this park, and if you have the chance, definitely make this a part of your summer vacation plans!

For more information and to buy passes in advance (and save!!)
Visit: or call 855.999.9010

The park is located at: One Dinosaur Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094

You can also check out the park on FACEBOOK,  TWITTER (@jerseysaurus) and PINTEREST


“What do you call a blind dinosaur?

A Do-you-think-he-saurus.

What do you call a blind dinosaur’s dog?

 A Do-you-think-he-saurus Rex.”

– Jurassic Park

** Disclosure: We received park admission to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own. No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this blog post! **


    • Sarah says:

      Thank you Pam!
      It depends. I think in the summer, with the heat it would definitely be worth it. It’s a great place to go for some respite, and to let the kids relax for a bit. I also think it’s good if you have little kids. I really enjoyed being able to bring Avery in for story time and the baby dino feeding. The up close/personal attention was great and it made for a more interactive day for Avery (since she wasn’t old enough for many of the other activities)

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