Our Favorite Animal Christmas Books!

Disclosure: A copy of Merry Stirring Mice was provided for my review by The Brand Connection.

Animal Christmas Books

It’s almost Christmas!!  One of our family traditions is to read Christmas stories every day. This year we picked up a few new books, specifically ones about animals and how they celebrate Christmas!  Here are a few of our favorites!!

Merry Stirring Mice: Santa’s Secret Team


Author: Cynthia Dreeman Meyer
Illustrators: Marina Saumell & Maria Eugenia Papeo
Publisher: The Beckham Publications Group, Inc.

Not many people know about the secret part of Santa’s team. In a colorful, charming moment-by moment description, author Cynthia Dreeman Meyers shows us what really goes on the night before Christmas. Watch Mama Mouse and Daddy Mouse show their kids—Max and his little sister Molly—how to prepare for the man. “Max, come away from the door please and help your sister stir the candy-cane mix,” Mama Mouse begins. Soon come the sugarplums, the candy canes, and finally the note that says, “For Santa.”

Avery loves this book!  The illustrations are wonderful, and she had fun searching for the little spider on every page!  We also loved getting answers to some of our biggest Christmas questions, like, how DOES Santa fit down the chimney?   You can purchase a copy HERE

Cleo In The SnowScreen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.54.26 PM

Author: Stella Blackstone
Illustrator: Caroline Mockford
Publisher: Barefoot Books

Cleo and her puppy friend Caspar delighted to discover strange white flakes that are falling from the sky. Artist Caroline Mockford’s bright illustrations recapture that
amazing moment when a child first sets eyes on a world transformed by snow.

While it’s not really a Christmas book, it is about all things winter!!  We love the Cleo books, the illustrations are bright and fun and Avery loves any story with a cat as the main character!!!

The Animal’s Santa

animal_santa_jacket_500Author: Jan Brett
Illustrator:  Jan Brett
Publisher:  Putnam Juvenile

When Big Snowshoe tells Little Snow that the animals’ Santa is coming with presents for everyone, Little Snow wants to know who he is. The animals say they have never seen him.  Maybe he’s a badger, a moose, a polar bear, or a wolf, they tell him.  But this spunky little rabbit thinks they are just fooling him. On Christmas Eve, Big Snowshoe finds a way to see the animals’ Santa when a Snowy Owl in a red cap swoops down with a pack full of presents.  Never again will an excited Little Snow doubt that there is an animals’ Santa.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful!  We love this story about woodland animals, and we’re happy to know that they receive gifts on Christmas day! Avery’s favorites are the Badger and the Wolf!

Jingle Paws

Jingle Paws Margaret Wise Brown

Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrator: Alessandra Psacharopulo
Publisher: Paragon Books

Imagine if your pets had their own special visitor on the night before Christmas! Meet Jingle Paws and his clumsy guinea pig helpers in this delightful festive rhyme from Margaret Wise Brown, author of the children’s classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny.

Avery chose this book on her own, during a trip to the bookstore!  It’s a great story for kids who have pets. Avery is thrilled to know that Daisy, Zoe and India will receive gifts on Christmas from Jingle Paws!

What are your favorite animal Christmas books?

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