Farm Camp at Casey Farm – Summer Fun Days

Summer Fun Days - Farm Camp - Casey Farm

Summer is here! The kids are out of school, the weather is getting warmer (well in some places. It seems to be getting cooler in RI!) and parents are wondering “What the heck am I going to do with these kids for the next 2 months??”


Last week Avery and I joined friends of ours, and we headed to Casey Farm for their Summer Fun Days Farm camp.  Casey Farm offers  offers one-day specialty programs to engage children in fun farm activities that highlight the history and science of farming and farm life. These camps are great for young children who may not be ready for a full week of camp. And, mom or dad get to stay with them all day!

We chose the Little Piglets camp.  This camp was for ages 3-6 and we spent the day learning all about pigs.

Pigs in Mud We spent some quality time with Birk and Stock (haha get it??  Birkenstock!)  The kids got to brush the pigs, and water them. Watering pigs involves filling up their water bowl, and making mud puddles for them to wallow in! We learned that pigs love their bellies brushed, and after they roll around in the mud, they shake it off, just like a dog!!

Our next “station” took us to meet two adorable little ducklings and then to learn a bit more about ducks. Did you know that you can tell the difference between a male and female duc  by picking them up?  The male duck will be quiet, but the female duck will quack her head off! (Typical…lol)

Chicks, chickens and turkeysThe kids got to hold some cute little chicks, and feed the momma hens!  We were also taught that turkeys are really hard to catch, but when you to catch them, you hold them upside-down, by their legs, and they will just hang there, calmly!!

Then it was time for strawberry picking!! I hadn’t been strawberry picking since I was a teenager, and would go with my poppa, so I enjoyed sharing this activity with Avery.

Strawberry picking We took a break for a story, under the tree and lunch (they provide water, but you bring your own lunch to camp)  Then we got right back to the fun activities!! Pig Arts and CraftsThe campers made two different pig crafts. In the morning they made cute pig masks, and in the afternoon, they made piggy door hangers!

Bunnies We also got to meet two sweet bunnies! Other than spotting the farm cat, this may have been Avery’s favorite part of the day!

At the end of the day we played “Find the Pig” which caused a bit of a meltdown with Avery, who had become quite attached to the stuffed pig “mascot” So attached, in fact, that she cried at the end of the day telling the big he was her best friend and she would never forget him. (I took her to the mall right after camp and bought her a stuffed pig…don’t judge, you’d have done the same thing had you heard her whimpering goodbye.)  Story time and piggy friends We had such a great day and I was really proud of Avery and her friend for making it through. It was a long day for a toddler (and mommy!) The staff was wonderful. The main camp teacher was great and so were the two assistant teachers! We will definitely be back next year (Or maybe for another camp this summer!!)

Are you kids going to summer camp?  Where and what kind of camp?

For more information on Farm Camp at Casey Farm, or to register click here: SUMMER FUN DAYS 2015


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