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Remember awhile back, when I headed down to New York City to meet and interview Tim McGraw, and it was incredible and we became BFFs?  Ok, maybe that last part isn’t true, but it was an incredible experience!!

Tim McGraw and I at the Duracell Quantum Launch

The event that I had the honor of attending was Duracell’s New York City Launch of their newest battery, the Quantum. Duracell Quantum is the world’s most advanced alkaline battery with unbeatable long lasting power. With its revolutionary Hi-Density Core™ and proprietary PowerCheck™ power indicator, the distinctively red and copper battery has been engineered to deliver the performance consumers demand.

The launch took place at New York City Fire Department’s Engine 33 Ladder 9–in the station itself, in one of the fire truck bays! Since it is a working station, they received calls while we were there. It was very interesting to see the guys get all their gear on and head out to the call. I was in awe of how fast they got dressed and out the door!

engine 33 ladder 9 NYFD

As I mentioned, joining Duracell at the launch was Grammy Award-winning country music star Tim McGraw. Tim has teamed up with Duracell to celebrate our nation’s first responders though a video series called Quantum Heroes. (The series is available on YouTube.com/Duracell) The Quantum Heroes video series shares previously untold stories of bravery, heroism and sacrifice of first responders.

I had the opportunity to talk with Tim about why he wanted to be a part of this documentary series. “When I heard the stories, it was really a no brainer” he said. He spoke about how television and movies show us the “glamourous” side of things, but the Quantum Heroes series shows what first responders really go through.

Tim spoke about his involvement in a previous interview, shared in Duracell’s Press Release; “As a touring musician, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of first responders across our country, the brave guys and girls who show incredible bravery in the face of natural disasters and other emergency situations,” said McGraw. “I’m joining with Duracell Quantum to recognize the amazing work of these unassuming heroes. I was able to spend some time with the first responders from the Quantum Heroes video series, and I walked away truly inspired.”

Take a minute to check out one of these stories:
(This video shows footage from actual events and may be difficult to watch)

Incredible isn’t it? This shows how important it is that first responders have all the tools they need when seconds count!

Duracell really took the Quantum launch to the next level. Knowing that the heroes who protect our families and communities need batteries to power their critical devices, Duracell announced that they will be donating one million, yes, ONE MILLION, Quantum batteries to first responders across the country! Duracell is working with FEMA as well as national and local fire, EMT and law enforcement organizations to determine which departments are in the most need. The batteries will be used to power all the life saving equipment that first responders use. This equipment includes breathing apparatuses, flashlights, and Carbon monoxide meters. The batteries will also be used in community outreach programs.

The Quantum battery is not just for First responders…Duracell Quantum, with its Hi-Density Core™ that stores more power than ever before, is the single solution for all household needs from remote controls to kid’s toys. We used them in Avery’s Sleep Sheep and Tranquil Turtle–two items that are high-drain and get used every single night. I also use them in my computer keyboard and mouse!

Another great feature is the PowerCheck on the battery cell itself so you will always know how much power is left in the battery and nothing is wasted!


For more information on Duracell Quantum and Quantum Heroes visit their website at: duracell.com

You can also find Duracell on Facebook: facebook.com/duracell
Twitter: twitter.com/duracell
and YouTube: youtube.com/Duracell


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**Disclosure–I was given a pack of Duracell Quantum Batteries in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own**


  1. Sue Hull says:

    Wow! Made me cry sad tears then happy tears. Firemen/firewomen are truly heroes in my book.Along with police,paramedics and EMTs. Tim McGraw is so hot,he’s one of my fave singers. Lucky you got to meet him,very cool! Thank you for the great giveaway :)

  2. Lacey j says:

    My husband is a firefighter, I loved the video, those men and women truly are heroes. Tim McGraw seems like a very good man too!

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