Dreamland Fairy Inspiring Great Dreams!

*Disclosure* I was sent this Dreamland Fairy kit to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own*

So, bedtime in our house is a lot of fun! That is, if your definition of “Fun” includes tears, thrown water bottles, running and hiding, screaming to the point of the neighbors suspecting that you’re keeping a pet chupacabra in your house, more tears, possibly some spitting…

Avery just doesn’t really enjoy going to bed. There is always one more show to watch or one more story to read, or one more thing she needs to tell us, or one more hug, one more kiss, or she has to brush her teeth one more time. Just one more!!!

Of course, once she’s actually IN her bed, things go pretty smoothly, but getting her in is the challenge (and has me rethinking the whole “loft bed” thing)

dreamland-fairy-kitWe needed a little bit of help. And just when I was at my breaking point, in flew the Dreamland Fairy!

Dreamland Fairy flies from Fairyland into the house while a child is sleeping on any given night. According to the accompanying book, in Fairyland, fairies tell stories to each other, but one night they
run out of stories to tell. That is when one of the fairies has the idea to fly close to human children as
they sleep, to listen to their dreams. They hover close enough to hear the child’s dreams and return the dreams and stories back to Fairyland! Each morning when the child wakes up, they might discover that their fairy visited. The proof is the tiny front door of the fairy house left ajar. Any notes or treats a child may have left for the fairy will have magically disappeared!  

I knew that this story was something that Avery would be all about! She loves fairies, and the idea of having them come to visit!  She also loves arts and crafts, so getting to decorate her own  fairy house was great!

The kit comes with everything you need!

-Unfinished Fairy House for you to paint
-The Dreamland Fairy story book
-Paint & paintbrush
-Fairy dust (of course!)


Avery got to work, painting her fairy house in all of her fairy’s favorite colors.fairy-house-craftIt was such a cute project, and she had a blast customizing the house! I loved watching her creativity flow! painted-fairy-houseAfter the paint dried, we broke out our sticker bin, and added some sparkly finishing touches! dreamland-fairy-painting-kitAvery’s Fairy House was complete and ready to welcome her Dreamland Fairy!  At bedtime, she was ready to go, because she knew the sooner she fell asleep, the sooner her fairy would come to listen to her dreams! sweet-dreamsThe Dreamland Fairy kit touches on so many of our favorite things. Imagination, creativity, dreams, and magic.  And the company was started by two moms , Ami Van Dine and Cassie Slane, whose then six-year old daughters came up with the idea of a fairy house that they could keep in their rooms. (Girl power!!!)

You can learn more, and purchase your own Dreamland Fairy Kit and other products (They have a Tooth Fairy Fort, plush Fairy doll, and other cute accessories!) by visiting dreamlandfairy.com

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