Dream Big, Princess – Water Color Silhouette Tutorial

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Dream Big, Princess!

little girl big dreams Dream Big, PrincessAvery may be little, but she has some BIG dreams!

If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you two things.  A Superhero and a Sea Lion Trainer. I have no doubt that she will become both.avery on the dock

Even at such a young age, I see such passion in Avery.Everything she does, she does to the best of her ability.  Irish Step, skiing, skating, tap & ballet, swim, soccer, art…She loves all of her activities, but there is nothing she loves more than being with and learning about animals.

She really loves animals, especially marine mammals, and loves learning everything she can about them. And while I don’t see her suddenly developing superpowers in the comic book sense (though, she she has been trying to fly since before she could even walk, hence us removing our coffee table) I can see her becoming a Superhero for Animals. Working to educate the community, and protect the animals she loves.  avery in the water

I love that Avery has such big dreams, and will do everything I can to help her reach her goals! This includes making trips to aquariums and marine centers, collecting as may books on marine animals as I can find, learning about other women working as marine animal trainers and sending her to preschool at an aquarium, where she gets so many hands on opportunities like feeding stingrays, helping trainers provide enrichment to Belugas and Sea Lions, taking and testing water samples and learning the parts of a squid through dissection. (She’s 3 you guys. THREE!)Avery with binoculars

While she does get to meet and interact, in real life, with many women who are following and living their dreams, so much of what she learns about dreams comes from books and movies. Especially Disney Princess movies! Disney Princesses like Merida, Tiana, and Mulan have shown her that she can accomplish her dreams with hard work, and that she can be whatever she wants to be!superhero avery

We’ve talked about the ways that Avery can be a Superhero for Animals NOW, as a 3 year old.  One way that we came up with was to use one of her other passions, art, and create watercolor paintings that she can sell to family and friends to raise money for an animal charity!

Water Color Silhouettes Wax ResistWe created sea creature silhouettes, using a wax resist technique. This is a fun project that is easy to do. Preschoolers may need a little help with the stencil, but older kids can definitely do this on their own!

watercolor resist supplies

You will need:

-Watercolor paints
-Watercolor Paper
-White crayons

steps by stepStep 1: Trace your stencil, and color in the image thoroughly
Step 2: Paint around the crayon image. The wax will resist the paint and you’ll be left with the silhouette!

That’s it! Easy right?

Avery spent the day painting like Rapunzel…with Rapunzel. Her Sing & Shimmer with Princess Rapunzel doll sang “I See the Light” giving us lovely background music!
avery paintingI think our sea creature silhouettes look great! What do you think? watercolor resist

This project was so much fun to work on with Avery, and I loved that she was able to combine a few of her passions, and help animals in need.

The Disney Princesses’ “Dream Big, Princess” campaign is providing a positive message to all girls that they can be anything they want to be and to never stop dreaming big.  I love that through their stories, the princesses encourage young girls to be kind, unique, caring, strong, brave and to follow their big dreams!avery on the ledge

Through the Princess films, books and toys, Avery can see that she can be whatever she wants to be! An entrepreneur and chef like Tiana, or a soldier like Mulan. An artist like Rapunzel, or an accomplished archer like Merida. Girls can do ANYTHING!

princess faces

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Dolls have become a big part of Avery’s daily play! She takes the princesses everywhere, and she loves their beautiful ombre and glitter gowns!

ariel playset

Dream Big Princess in Toys R Us

Photo Credit: Laura Funk – http://www.wegotthefunk1.com/ Thank you, Laura!

Little Kingdom Ariel’s Sea Castle let’s Avery’s imagination go wild! It is compatible with all the other Little Kingdom dolls and play sets and includes 5 Snap-ins to mix and match and customize! avery with disney princess toys These dolls and more are all available at Toys “R” Us where you’ll find an immersive in-store shopping experience with a whole aisle dedicated to Disney Princesses! They even have items exclusive to Toy “R” Us!I love Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign, and I love the Disney Princess dolls and toys! Seeing Avery play and dream is one of the highlights of motherhood.

I’ve always had great love for Disney Princesses, but as a mom, that love has grown! I think of Merida, Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel and how they didn’t let fear, or the opinions of others stand in their way. They knew what they wanted, and did whatever it took to reach their goals.

I know she’s young, but I have no doubt that Avery will follow her dreams and accomplish great things. Whether she continues to be passionate about working with marine mammals, or she discovers a new passion, I’ll always stand by her and cheer her on! avery playing plaing with dolls

For more about the Dream Big, Princess campaign, follow @TheDisneyPrincesses and #DreamBigPrincess on Instagram

BONUS!! Avery helped me create a fun Ocean Memory game, to help teach our young friends about some of the animals that live in the sea.  You can print it, cut out the cards, and play at home!

OceanMemoryGame Print your own Ocean Memory Game by clicking here!


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