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DIY Tutu Treat Bags for Super Girls! #AvengersUnite (ad) It’s the most wonderful time, of the year!!!!! HALLOWEEN!!!  It’s right around the corner, and you all know how much I love this holiday!  Like in past years, Avery has a bunch of costumes. One for every event and party we plan to attend, and of course, one just for the big day!  I know that sounds crazy. Most people let their child pick ONE costume and that’s that.

I’m a little bit different. I love costumes and getting dressed up, and I love that Avery loves it, and I am totally indecisive when it comes to choosing a costume, and I completely understand how hard it is for a kid to choose, so… we buy all the costumes!!!

The day they hit the racks, Avery was eyeing the MARVEL Avengers costumes.  “I love  Credible Huck!!  OH! Can I be Irony Man?  He’s my most favoritist! AHH! LOOK MOMMA! Look at the American Flag one! OH! I need Spiderman! He’s super strong!”  OK, so she may need some work with the names, but the girl is totally digging the superhero thing.

Walking in to Walmart, Avery spotted them right away.  They were affordable, and with Avengers: Age of Ultron  Blu-Ray and DVD I was cool with letting her choose a couple–because you NEED to watch the movie in costume, right?.    She picked Spiderman and Iron Man!

Now, Avery is pretty girly most of he time.  She’ll tell you that she loves sparkles, and her favorite color is pink. But, she has zero interest in the “Girly” style superhero costumes.  If she wants to be Spiderman, she wants to be Spiderman.  Not Spider Girl. She wants the real deal, super strong muscles and all!

That said, she still likes a little frill. So I decided to make her a fabulous treat bag to match her costume! A Tutu Treat Bag!!

Tutu Treat Bag - Step By StepThis project is really easy. You COULD sew it, but you really do not have to! I made two bags. One in maroon and gold for Iron Man, and one in maroon and blue to go with the Spideran costume!


You need plain tote bags, tulle, ribbon, anything you want to add (I used sparkle ribbon to bling it out a bit, but you could use a bow, or other embelishment!)

I measured and cut all my tulle first, so it would be easy to grab and work.

I tied a thin ribbon around the bag. You want  it to just fit, not cinch the bag, or be too loose. This is where you’ll tie on your tulle.Tutu Bag instructionsNext, loop the tulle around the ribbon, alternating the colors, until it is the full width of the bag.  You can go all the way around the bag, so the tutu is the full way around, but I chose to just have the tutu on one side.Spiderman Tutu Bag

At this point I added some spiderweb ribbon, and glued it in place.

Then I took my wide black ribbon, and glued it down on top of the tulle.Girls superhero bag DIYI wrapped the wide ribbon around and glued in place on the back of the bag! As I mentioned, I added sequin ribbon around the wide ribbon, gluing it down, to complete the bag. Little Girl Spider Man costume HalloweenSpiderman was pretty happy with the outcome!Spider Man Tutu Treat Bag for HalloweenI was also really impressed with the costumes! While they are basic costumes at an affordable price, the quality is still there. Avery commented that the fabric was so soft and not scratchy like some of her other costumes.  And of course, had enough stretch for her to do all her superhero moves! Spider GirlI love watching her personality transform when she dresses up. She really takes on a whole new persona, and takes her role as crime fighter very seriously! Iron Ma Halloween costume and DIY treat bagThese treat bags can be made to match ANY costume, but I love how they dress up the superhero costumes! Little Girl Iron Man Halloween Costume Little Girl Iron Man CostumeAfter some playtime outside, we headed in to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron!!!  Since we were with my parents, I wanted to make our “watch party” a bit more SUPER.MARVEL AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRONI used the treat bags to hold popcorn and halloween candy for us to snack on while we watch the film!   The bags made for cute table decor that fit the theme perfectly!DIY Tutu bag for Halloween Party DecorWell, it WAS cute TABLE decor…until…

…along came a spider…WHO STOLE ALL THE POPCORN!Movie Night with AvengersDo you have a little Super Hero at home? Who is their favorite Avenger? Will they be dressing up as one of the Avengers for Halloween? Avengers Movie Night at Home #AvengersUnite (ad)We found both the costumes and the movie at Walmart! The costumes were located right up front in the Halloween department, and the DVD was located in the electronics department.  Head to Walmart, today to pick them up for your little hero!!



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