DIY Moss Covered Monogram

Simple, Moss Covered monogram letters. Rustic Wedding Decor. via sweetlilyou.comI helped host my cousin’s bridal shower last year. Since she’s outdoorsy and a lil bit crunchy (and a whole lot AWESOME) we decided to go with a rustic, woodland, foresty theme!  I wanted to create something special that we could use to decorate at the shower, and then could be used as part of her wedding decor.  While shopping for decorations I saw the sheets of moss, and had an idea! I could make moss covered letters!

rustic wedding showerThe craft is actually quite easy and doesn’t take a whole lot of time.

  • You will need:
    -Wooden or paper mache letters
    -Sheets of preserved moss (I used SuperMoss Instant Green Moss Mat and Moss Cloth)
    -Tacky or other strong craft glue
    -Sharpie marker
    -Add-ons like flowers, ribbon, butterflies, etc.
    What you'll need

Step 1: Trace your letter on the back of the moss mat

Step 2: Cut along your line

Step 3: Apply glue to the letter, and press moss down. Allow to dry (I only put moss on the front and sides of the letters, but depending on how you’ll use them, you can moss the back as well)

Moss covered letters how to step by stepStep 4: Measure and cut strips to fit the edges of the letter

Step 5: Glue and secure moss along the outer edges of the letters

Step 6: Apply your add-ons, if you choose.
Moss Covered Letters via sweetlilyou.comAnd then you’re done!!!  It’s really easy, and they look beautiful!

11065166_10100648624722930_1394574100_oAnd yes, that IS Waldo…and a Giant Lego head…and a cow at the head table. It was a costume wedding

!! diy moss covered diy moss covered

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