Disney Road Trip Survival Tips

As many of you have read, our family road tripped it to Orlando last December.  It was 20 hours, 1,200 miles, and lots of fun (really, we had a great time!) Even our dog, Daisy, had a blast…ok, maybe that part isn’t entirely true…but she hung in there like a champ!

I have compiled a list of our very basic Road Trip Survival tips!

1.) Make sure you have your toll money set aside. You can check online to find what the tolls are along your route (via the state thruway departments) or have singles and quarters readily available.  Put the money in a spot that is easy to access so you’re not frantically hunting for it as you approach the toll both.

2.) Pack your kiddos favorite stuffed animal, blanket or other “lovie” I know Avery sleeps better when she has something from home, and I know a lot of little ones who can’t be away from their favorite Teddy bear or blankie.  The last thing you want is a total meltdown when you stop at a hotel for the night (at midnight…after driving for 10 hours…)

3.) Bring books, activity pads, travel games, dads, video games, whatever will keep your kids occupied and entertained for the journey!  You can also google “road trip games” to find fun games to play as a family in the car!  You don’t want the kids to be bored and asking “Are we there yet???” ever 2 and a half minutes.

4.) SNACKS!! Lot’s of snacks! The food at rest stops is more than double what you’ll pay at your grocery store at home, so pack what you can!

5.) COFFEEEEEEE….trust me, even as a passenger, it can be hard to stay awake and alert!  Of course you should stop when you’re tired, and get a hotel for the night, but the pick me up you get from a cup of java can help get you through to the next state!

6.) Pack a smaller duffle bag with the clothes and toiletries you may need along the way. You don’t want to lug all your suitcases in to the motel, or dig through the nicely packed clothes to find the things you need (at midnight lol) Having a small bag with just the necessities makes getting in, and out, of the motels so much easier!

7.) HAVE FUN!  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Every flat tire, spilled juice, spider on the steering wheel (yes, this happened to me once on a road trip) is just one more piece of the adventure! Have a great time!


Here are these tips in video form!  Watch, laugh, enjoy!


**Disclosure–I was compensated for this video and tips. As always, all opinions and ideas are my now**

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