Dear Target, We Love Your Carts


Avery sleeping at TargetDear Target,

We love your shopping carts.  We love your store in general (It’s my daughter’s favorite place in the world) Those shopping carts, though? We LOVE them. I mean, like, really REALLY love them.

Target shopping cart I don’t know if you’re aware but they are the perfect nap location for toddlers. In fact, our daughter takes naps in them pretty regularly. At least once a week (We’re in your stores 4-7 days a week. Seriously.)

Target shopping cartsShe doesn’t care if the cart is empty or  loaded with our weekly groceries.

sleeping at targetShe doesn’t take naps in her bed anymore.  She’ll occasionally sleep on the couch, or sitting upright in her chair. But, your carts are her favorite nap location.

Target shopping cart napHer birthday is in April and I pretty sure her ultimate gift would be her own Target shopping cart.

Target shopping cart carriageI’m not joking when I say that Target is her favorite place on Earth.  Even when we went to Disney World, she was asking to go to Target. IN DISNEY WORLD!!!

Target shopping buggy
I just want to thank you. Thank you for these comfortable shopping carts. Thank you for the long naps, and quiet shopping trips. Thank you.

Avery’s Mommy (and second biggest fan…after Avery, of course)

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