Create The Perfect Pizza Slice with DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza

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In our family, we have very different tastes.  This is especially clear when it comes to ordering pizza!  First of all, Avery is allergic to tomatoes, so she needs a pizza without sauce.   Dave loves pepperoni, peppers, onions, sausage, basically, every topping known to man piled on top of his pie.  And then there’s me. Plain cheese. Sometimes I’ll go craaaazzzzyyyy and get mushrooms or black olives, or BOTH if I’m feeling especially wild! When we order pizza, Poor Dave rarely gets his way, and has to “suffer” eating the not so topping-full pizza of my choosing! If he’s lucky, I’ll let him order a half and half pizza. Half plain cheese, and half whatever he wants. And, if we grab a frozen pizza?  He’s completely out of luck since they rarely offer much in the way of toppings we agree on!

While shopping in Walmart I stumbled upon the solution to our problems! The DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit! It’s the perfect product for families like ours who can’t agree on toppings!  Each person can top their own delicious slice!

DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

I thought this would be the perfect Father’s Day lunch for Dave, so I grabbed two pizzas (a Pepperoni & Sausage with Peppers for Father’s Day and a Spinach, Tomato and Red Onion with Pepperoni for another night!)

DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit Toppings Included #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

I thought it would be fun to make him a pizza with all his favorite toppings!

Toppings! #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

 The #Digiorno Design A Pizza Kit includes everything you need to make the perfect pizza! The dough is already sauced and cheesed and you just add on your favorite toppings!

Since Dave never gets the pizzas he wants I thought I made him a slice of each of his favorites!  1 slice pepperoni & sausage, 1 slice, sausage & peppers, 1 slice just pepperoni, and 1 slice just peppers.  (annnd I may have left 1 itty bitty slice plain…Hey! I needed to try it out, too!!)

I preheated the oven to 400* and got to work!

Of course, Avery needed to help…

Avery is my little kitchen helper! #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

Due to her allergies, I just let her help with the extra cheese on top.  She helped for about .0003 seconds before she started shoving the cheese in her mouth, and I had to send her back to the living room!

I popped that beauty into the oven, right on the rack, and waited…

It smelled absolutely delicious and after 20 minutes it was done!

YUM! DIGIORNO #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias


Try DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

Dave was busy working (as always!) but I called him up from his shop for his surprise lunch!

Enjoy DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

He loved it, and he wasn’t even mad at me for stealing plain cheese slice! It was really, really good! After he ate a couple slices he went back to work, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he came back up for “just one more slice”

Delicious DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

I loved how much fun it was to make this pizza! I’m really looking forward to our next pizza night when Dave and I make our own perfect slices! I think we might even invite my parents over, too! They put up with my picky palate for many, many, MANY years, so I’d love to treat them to their own perfect pizza!

 DIGIORNO® #DesignAPizza Kits come in three varieties:

  • Pepperoni & Sausage with Peppers
  • Chicken, Green Peppers and Red Onion
  • Spinach, Tomato and Red Onion with Pepperoni

And can be found at Walmart in the frozen pizza section

DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza Kit available at Walmart  #DesignAPizza #Digiorno  #shop #cbias

You can learn more about the Design A Pizza Kit, and the many other great DIGIORNO® products by visiting their website HERE You can also follow them on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

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