Cranberry Harvest Celebration

This weekend we headed to Wareham, MA to check out the Cranberry Harvest Celebration at the A.D. Makepeace Company!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  We’d never been to this event before and thought it would be just a little craft fair, some food vendors and of course, information about cranberry harvesting.  It was all of those things and then some! The craft and artisan tent was HUGE, there were so many food vendors, activities for kids, and we learned so much about the cranberry harvesting process!

Cranberry Harvest CelebrationCranberry Harvest Celebration

When we arrived in Wareham we didn’t even need our GPS. We could just follow the long line of cars. It seemed like everyone in New England was heading to the Cranberry Harvest Celebration! We ended up in a very large parking area and were quickly picked up by a school bus, ready to take us to the festival grounds.

Our bus “guide” told us all about the celebration,  and about how A.D. Makepeace Company gives back to the community.

We got off the bus and I was immediately taken aback at the beauty of the property! I don’t know what I was expecting.  A barren field with some tents? A parking lot? I don’t know!  What we saw was this:

A.D. Makepeace
A beautiful pond, bright blue skies, and families enjoying themselves in the swan boats! We knew at this moment that we had made the right decision in coming to the celebration!

We spent some time walking around the main event area. We saw some beautiful art, gorgeous jewelry, and lot’s of cranberry products.

Food and crafts Cranberry Harvest Celebration
Admission to the event was $10 for adults and children under 7 were free. So, for $20 we could view the wet harvest operations, animal demonstrations, live music, cooking demonstrations, and enjoy many children’s activities (like pony rides!) as well as check out all the crafters and artisans.  Parking and shuttle transportation were free!

vendors Cranberry Harvest Celebration

There were some activities that carried an additional fee or donation including helicopter rides and rides on the swan and duck boats.

Education & entertainment Cranberry Harvest Celebration
We had some lunch, and then it was time to catch the Bog bus to the cranberry harvest area!

Bog Bus Cranberry Harvest Celebration
The first thing Avery saw was the mountain of sand, and of course, she HAD to climb it! I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get all the way to the top, as I saw older kids, and adults struggling a bit. She surprised me, and made it to the top without falling once! When she got to the top she said to Dave. “This is WONDERFUL!”

Sand mountain Cranberry Harvest Celebration
Next we had a chance to make our own bog to bring home! I can’t wait to see if we end up with any berries! (check back next fall!)

make your own bog Cranberry Harvest Celebration

We took a wagon ride around the bog, where we listened to a real cranberry grower tell us all about cranberries and how they grow! It was very interesting!  After the wagon ride, we watched the harvest! I was stunned by the mass amount of berries that can be harvested in such a short time! Harvesting Cranberry Harvest Celebration

That Truck up there was completely full, and we watched them fill up a second truck!

Harvesting cranberries Cranberry Harvest Celebration
After watching the harvesting it was time to head back to the main festival area (How did they day go by so quickly?!)

Rides Cranberry Harvest Celebration

It was such a beautiful day and such an interesting event! I wish we had arrived early so we could have spent the entire day there. There really was so much to do, and so many activities that we missed! We’ll definitely be going again next year if we’re still living in the area. Beautiful Cranberry Harvest Celebration
This is an event you don’t want to miss! Follow A.D. Makepeace on FACEBOOK and check out their website at to stay up to date on their events and to learn all about cranberries!


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