Counting Sheep

So Avery has decided that she will no longer sleep.

OK. She sleeps sometimes. But not when I really need her to. Ya know, like between the hours of 12 and 6am.  During those hours she likes to wake  up, laugh, yell, poke me in the eye and/or kick me in the spleen. Here is a “video” taken early this morning, when Avery wanted to have a conversation instead of sleeeeeping!)

We got her into a routine, where we’d feed her, give her a pacifier, and then lay next to her, with one hand on her belly, until she fell asleep.  This was great until reflux reared it’s ugly, acidic, head and she started writhing around and inevitably waking up not long after falling asleep.  The doctor helped us “solve” this problem by adding a bit of rice cereal to her bedtime feeding, to thicken the formula and keep things down, in her belly, where they belong.  This helped and the writhing stopped.
But, we still have trouble keeping her asleep.  She wakes around midnight, apparently starving to death.  Again at 2am, then 4am, then 6am acting ravenous.  Her pediatrician says that there is no way she’s hungry, but she’s gotten into a routine (a bad one) thanks to me always giving in to her demands, and feeding her back to sleep.  Well, this must stop.  Our itty bitty girl is in the 5th percentile for height, but the 50th for weight and that weight is increasing rapidly…height, not so much.  We don’t want her to get really out of whack, so we need to cool it on all these “extra” nighttime feedings.

This is where the Cloud B Sleep Sheep comes in to save the day!

Awww, isn’t she cute!

A friend informed me of an opportunity to review the Sleep Sheep and I JUMPED ON IT! Literally.  I saw the post while I was in bed trying to get Avery to take a nap (No joke!) and I Jumped up, got on the computer and e-mailed the contact.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

The first night with the Sleep Sheep was just like every other night. She woke up, again and again and again. I started losing hope.  We had tried  “white noise” apps on our phones with minimal success (though they caused me to fall asleep on more than one occasion)  I decided to give the Sleep Sheep another chance. And another chance. And another chance. And then I kind of gave up and went back to late night feedings.  But last night, I’d had enough.  Avery woke up at 1:30 and refused to go back to sleep, but this time she wasn’t acting as if I never feed her, she was just AWAKE.  I needed to sleep and said “Hey , let’s give this sheep another try.”  Lo and behold, IT WORKED!  Within a few minutes she was out like a light!  She went from the crazy giggling goofball you can hear in the video, to a girl in a Sleep Sheep coma!

The Sleep sheep has a timer (because YOU will fall asleep even if your little one doesn’t) that can be set for 23 (23?  that’s random) or 45 minutes and 4 sound options; “Stream” which makes me feel like I need to use the restroom) “rain” and “ocean” (which is my favorite because its like being at the beach without all that horrible sun, sand and pesky seagulls and it makes me fall asleep every time) and “Whale” which reminds me of this:

We’ll see how tonight goes. Avery fell asleep to the sound of “Whales” and I think I’ll go with “Ocean” when/if….who am I kidding, WHEN, she wakes up again!

Check out the Cloud b facebook page at for info on their other products, including the Twilight Turtle (we have one and love it) and the Ocean Blue Tranquil Turtle (I desperately want one!)

*Disclosure. I was sent a Sleep Sheep to review, but as always my opinions are my own!

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  1. Renee Beauregard Lute says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these! Maddie is a big fan of nature sounds – the birds and water sounds of her snug-a-bunny bouncer and swing usually knock her out just a few minutes into naptime. Glad the sleep sheep was a success with Avery!

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