Coffee Break with Maxwell House!



We had a crazy day today.  Like “what in the world just happened?  Am I dreaming? There is no way that was real” kind of crazy. Certifiably. C-R-A-Z-Y!

Normally we only drink coffee in the morning (or mid-day if I happen to be at Target and craving something caffeinated and in a cup with a Mermaid on it.  (You know the place!) But, after this crazy day I decided Dave and I needed to take a coffee break.

I had just picked up some new Maxwell House Single Serve Cups for our Keurig and decided now was a great time to give them a try!  Since it was so warm out I decided to create some flavored iced coffees!

I’m a fan of coconut so I made a Mocha Coconut coffee for myself.  Dave loves mint, so I made him a Mint Chocolate Coffee!

I was really impressed with the full flavor of the Maxwell House French Roast!  I like my coffee dark and bold, and when I drink it hot. I don’t add much sugar or cream (sometimes none at all) so I need a flavorful coffee.  Maxwell House did not disappoint.  It truly is “Good to the last drop” as they say! And the single serve cups make it so easy! NEW Maxwell House single serve cups bring the great taste of Maxwell House’s traditional roast and grind coffee to the easy-to-use single serve cup platform.


For the Mocha Coconut I added half a packet of hot chocolate mix to the coffer when it was hot.  Then I added about 10 ice cubes (I make my ice cubes with milk so it doesn’t water down the coffee!  For this I used coconut milk!) and a handful of shredded coconut.  Tossed it all in the blender until it was mixed. It was delicious!!

For the Mint Chocolate, I added a handful of mint chocolate chips to the hot coffee and let it melt in. I then added about 10 ice cubes (made with regular milk) and another dash of the mint chips. Blended and voila! Dave really enjoyed it!


After I made our coffees we all headed out the the backyard to relax. We all enjoyed our drinks! (Avery just had milk!)


Even Daisy wanted a taste!


Then this happened…


But we don’t cry over spilled milk! We just let the dog lap it up….



We had so much fun, just hanging out in the yard, and enjoying Maxwell House Coffee as a family.  I think we’ll make this an every day thing!


For more information on Maxwell House Coffee check out their website:

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  1. Sean King says:

    Genius. milk ice cubes for blended coffee.. I am so getting on Starbucks about this. lol. I am so happy that even after the BS of the day yesterday you were able to end it on a good and happy note.

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