Cirque Éloize iD at Foxwoods – Review

*Disclosure-We were given tickets to the show in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.*

Wow! Just wow!


Dave and I had the most incredible date night in a long time. On Thursday we headed to Foxwoods Resort Casino to see Cirque Éloize iD and we were both blown away.

The show is absolutely incredible. Really, it’s hard to write a blog post that can fully explain just how amazing it is.

Éloize (Prounounced EL-WAZ) is a word that comes from the Magdalen Islands and means “flashes of heat lightning seen on the horizon”. An inspiration for the troupe’s founding members, this lightning symbolizes the heat and energy which feeds the troupe’s spirit.

And that is such a perfect way to describe the beauty and intensity of the show.

Cirque Eloize id - Perfromers

The performance features some absolutely incredible acts. Trampowall, hand balancing, in-line skating, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Hoop, Trial Bike, Juggling, Chinese Pole, Contortion, Urban Dance, and more! All perfectly choreographed  to really great music!

The show was absolutely breathtaking. Both Dave and I were on the edge of our seats for many of the acts.  We watched in awe as Thibaut Philippe rode his bike around the theater, doing wheelies up to the top of a very high wall, and hopping all over/around cast members and even one lucky audience member. My heart was in my throat while a performer scaled a frighteningly tall tower of chairs. I gasped as Nicole Winter, contortionist, bent her body in ways that, while seemingly unnatural, were incredibly beautiful.  My heart stopped while watching a performer drop down the Chinese Pole, stopping barely an inch from the stage floor. And I teared up as Caroline Baillon and Connor Houlihan performed their stunning hand to hand routine.  Yeah. AMAZING!

The scene is set in the heart of a city, in a public space where people seek refuge and a chance to shed their anonymity; a place where identity is forged and individuality is expressed.

Here, take a look at this video, and I’m 100% certain that you’ll be amazed, and want to get your tickets immediately!

If you love dance, gymnastics, the circus arts, or just theater in general, you will LOVE this show! Your kids will love it too. It’s perfect for date night, family night (there are matinee shows as well) or girls night out! (Ladies, wait til you check out the amazing abs on these guys!)

These performers are so incredibly talented and clearly passionate about their art!  The acts are intense! (I can’t believe they put on this show 8 times a week!)

Beyond all of the amazing acts what I loved the most about the show was the energy of the cast. They all seemed to be having so much fun on the stage. I kept saying that to Dave “They look like they are having the time of their lives up there!” and that really made the show special for me.  We’ve seen a few Cirque shows, but this one was our favorite, it just had some extra magic that we’d never seen before!

We enjoyed the show so much, that we’re hoping to go see it again! And possibly bring Avery with us! Watching the show, I kept thinking how much she’d love it, and how I could envision her finding her passion in the cirque life! (After watching the video above, she’s been practicing her acrobatics by trying handstands on the couch, forward rolling down the hallway, and asking if I can help her up on to the counter so she can do the “Biggest Jumps!”) She’s also asked no less than 20 times to “go to the bounce place!”

Cirque Eloize id at Foxwoods Resort casino

The show runs through August 30th with shows at 8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 7pm shows on Sundays, and Matinees on Wednesdays at 2pm, Saturdays at 3pm and, Sunday 8/30 at 2pm (There are no shows on Mondays)

Tickets are $65 $40 for General Admission and  Children under 13 are $30

For more info, and to purchase tickets click HERE

To make your night out even more amazing, Foxwoods is offering a special preset menus at some of their fantastic restaurants. Enjoy a delicious meal, and be in and out in time for the show! You can learn more HERE

Cirque Eloize id - Bike

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    The very beginning reminded me of a West Side Story kind of thing. I loved the “trampoline-cam” too… pretty cool! I sure wish (again…) that we lived closer to each other!
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