Choosing Joy

The last few weeks I have found it so difficult to roll myself out of bed. (It doesn’t help that I’m curled up next to a warm dog, who also doesn’t want to get up yet) The alarm goes off, and I hit snooze a minimum of ten times. I have to rush through the morning routine just to make it out the door in time to hit traffic due to a TJ Maxx truck rollover or 5 car pile up on the highway. Basically I start my day off miserable, agitated and stressed. While I am so happy with my life, and so thrilled about Avery’s arrival, and couldn’t ask for a more amazing husband.  I am letting the annoyances of my work life severely take away from my joy!

I recently re-discovered a blog that I adore. lil blue boo I had found this blog while looking for some craft tutorials awhile back, but it’s so much more than a crafty mom site.  Ashley, the blog owner has followed the mantra “Choose Joy”  ever since she found a devotional page, stating just that, in her father’s (Norman Swenson) belongings after he passed away. (you can read all about it here: choose joy ) in her daily life.

I think I stumbled upon this blog, for the second time, right when I needed to.  In a time when I’m stressed, agitated and often angry at things going on in my life (mostly because of work) I really need to “Choose Joy” for myself, for Avery, for Dave, my family and friends.

Reading lil blue boo and seeing all that Ashley has gone through has opened my eyes.  She’s been through some pretty rough stuff, but she doesn’t whine and complain (at least not on the blog) She just “chooses joy” and powers through.

My last blog post was about my decision to stay home when Avery is born, and I feel so good about this decision now.  I am choosing joy, and not letting anything stop me!

Thank you Lil Blue Boo, Thank you Ashley, and Thank you Norman Swenson!

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