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Movie Night at Fenway – Jurassic Park

I am a proud member of the Red Sox Parents. We are provided with tickets to Sox games and events in exchange for sharing this great info with all of you! All opinions are our own, for love of the game! cut

Ok, I don’t want to make anyone feel old, but…

Did you know that the original Jurassic Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year? Seriously. Weren’t the 90s just ten years ago?

Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies and the films that followed also hold a special place in my heart! My dad and I *may* have even written lyrics to the theme. It *may* have gone something like this…

Don’t go out
After dark
In Jur-a-a-a-ssic Park
You’ll be eaten for sure
By a di-i-i-nosaur

Thank you, thank you. I agree, it is some of our best work.

So, anyway…

On Tuesday, August 14th the Red Sox will host a screening of the (best) film (ever!) Jurassic Park will be shown on the videoboard in center field at Fenway Park!! How cool is that?

To ensure the best viewing on the 40 by 100-foot videoboard, fans in attendance will be seated in the lower seating bowl and down the first base line. Fenway Park gates will open at 6:45 p.m.and the movie will begin at 8 p.m. Attendees will be invited to walk the warning track from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., weather and field work permitting. Concessions will be available.

Tickets for “Movie Night at Fenway Park,” presented by Fandango, are available now at or by calling (877) REDSOX-9. General admission tickets for the public are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. The event is free for Red Sox Season Ticket Holders.

See you in the park!



Red Sox Round-Up – July Events

I am a proud member of the Red Sox Parents. We are provided with tickets to Sox games and events in exchange for sharing this great info with all of you! All opinions are our own, for love of the game! RED SOXWow! How are we almost halfway through this month?!  Summer is flying by, and we’re just a few day away from the All-Star break! Which reminds me… don’t forget to #VoteBenny

I wanted to give you a heads up on the great events that the Red Sox have planned for the rest of the month. The Sox are on fire and it’s a great time to catch a game!

red sox wwe nightWednesday, July 11 | WWE Night

Tuesday Night SmackDown is switching to Wednesday for the Red Sox WWE Night. Pedroia is stepping into the ring –  or at least his bobblehead is – as the limited edition giveaway item fan will receive with the special ticket purchase. In addition, 50 fans with tickets will be selected for a photo opportunity with WWE Jamaican sensation Kofi Kingston before the game!

kids run the bases red soxSunday, July 15 | #SoxPromos | Kids Run the Bases

After the game, kids will have the opportunity to run the bases at Fenway Park!

cutSaturday, July 28 ft. Will Dailey  & Sunday, July 29 ft. Parsonsfield | Fenway Rooftop Sessions

The Fenway Rooftop Sessions, presented by vineyard vines is a new and unique way to enjoy the game. With scheduled dates throughout the season, tickets include a pregame performance from a local Boston band, plus a ticket to the game. Fenway Rooftop Sessions

red sox grateful dead nightMonday, July 30 | Grateful Dead Night

Dead Heads will take over Fenway for the Red Sox annual Grateful Dead Tribute Night featuring a special pregame concert by tribute band Bearly Dead on Jersey Street and a Grateful Dead Red Sox t-shirt (available to those who purchase the special event tickets). A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Rex Foundation.

bogaerts bobbleTuesday, July 31 | #SoxPromos | Bogaerts Splash Bobblehead

The first 10,000 fans at Fenway Park will receive a Bogaerts splash bobblehead.

Don’t miss out on these great events!  (Just wait til you see what August has in store!)

5 Reasons to Choose Teamworks Camp This Summer

*Disclosure – We received a summer camp experience in exchange for this review.  All opinions are our own, and we are so happy to share our love of Teamworks Camp with all our readers!*

teamworks camp warwick ri

Schoooooooooools out for summer!!

And what the heck am I going to do with this child of mine for eleventy thousand weeks of vacation???

Growing up, I looked forward to my summers at camp. From town camp, to Art Camp, to a camp just for girls, to Law Camp…I had fun, learned new skills, and made many memories & friends!  I couldn’t wait for Avery to be old enough to attend camp and have similar experiences.

Over the last two summers, Avery has attended camp at Teamworks in Warwick. Starting with half-day camp when she was 4 years old, and full day camp last year at age 5.  This year, Avery will be spending 5 weeks of her summer at Teamworks and she couldn’t be more excited!


One of the things I love about Teamworks camp is that their schedule is great for working families. So many camps run shorter hours like 9am to 1pm. Some offer “later” pick up at 4pm. This doesn’t work for those who work a regular 9 to 5 schedule.  Teamworks Warwick offers an earlier drop off (between 8 and 9am)  and while camp ends at 4pm, you can opt to extend your camp day to as late as 6pm! SO convenient!!


This is just one of the many reason we choose Teamworks Warwick as our go-to summer program. But there are many other reasons that you should send your kiddo to Teamworks camp this summer!

Keep ‘Em Active
I hear parents talk all the time about how t hey’ll keep their kids busy and active during summer vacation. It can be easy to fall into a cycle of sleeping late (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and spending most of your time lounging around, watching TV or on tablets and gaming systems.  A little of that is fine, but doing that every day makes for a boring summer. At Teamworks camp, your kids will be running, playing, learning, creating, having fun — all day, every day!

Camp Friends are the Best Friends!
When Avery attended her first week of camp, she didn’t know anyone. Now, going into year 3, she has her “camp friends”  that she looks forward to seeing year after year! She also makes new friends each summer (and each session!) which is perfect for our little social butterfly, but also great for kids who may have a bit more trouble making friends.  Camp is free from the pressures and expectations of school, and kids can just relax and have fun together. It often allows them to open up, and make friends easily.

Counselors You’ll Never Forget!
I will never forget my favorite counselors from art camp, Mike and Brianne. They were both incredibly creative, kind, and fun! In fact, I idolized Brianne to the point of trying to copy her signature style (birkenstocks, baggy jeans and a plain white T) for the rest of that summer. Avery has been blessed to have AMAZING counselors at Teamworks. She too has asked for specific style shorts and sneakers “Just like Coach!!” The counselors are Teamworks have truly blown me away with their professionalism, enthusiasm, energy, and love for the campers in their care. I know that Avery is safe and well taken care of when I drop her off each morning, and that peace of mind is invaluable.

New Experiences and Continued Growth!
Soccer, Basketball,skateboarding, flag football, lacrosse, parkour…Teamworks offers specialized camps, beyond their all-sport and traditional camps. Kids have the opportunity to try a new sport, or continue to develop their skills in a sport they already play.  Even in the Traditional camps, kids will learn new skills and games and have new experiences.  Camp also offers kids a chance to become more independent,  build confidence, and learn life-long skills.

I’m a mom of one, and I’ve found that there are many camps that are just out of reach for our family, financially. One week at some of these camps could be equal to a mortgage payment for some families.  Teamworks strives to provide families with a safe and fun summer camp experience at an affordable price.They proudly offer high quality programming at a low cost to the community. They even offer loyalty discounts! So, the more weeks your register for, the more you save!

Teamworks Camp Counselors are SUPER!

Teamworks Camp Counselors are SUPER!

Another benefit of Teamworks camps, and probably my personal favorite, is that they offer lunch! That’s right, you do not need to pack lunches every day! Campers can purchase lunch and snack through Teamworks or bring their own if you prefer. Avery will be buying her lunch daily, so I don’t have to deal with her list of foods she suddenly will not eat.

OH! And I can’t forget about the theme days!!!!   You all know how much I…I mean, Avery loves a theme day! The campers and counselors really get into it and it’s just one more thing that makes Teamworks Camp so special!


Teamworks Warwick has camps running weekly from June 11th – August 31st.  Kids can choose from these different camp options:

  • Multisport
  • Traditional
  • Soccer
  • One on One Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Parkour
  • Baseball
  • Skateboarding
  • Challenger Soccer
  • Travel Camp

Multisport and traditional are offered every week, while the others are offered only on certain weeks.

There are half day camp options for kids who don’t need or may not be ready for the full day.

You can find more information, and register for camp HERE  And please let them know Avery sent you 😉
We hope to see you at Teamworks Camp this summer!!

Preparing Your Home and Pets for Summer Travel

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreeandCleanLiving #CollectiveBias


Summer vacation is right around the corner, and so many of us will be taking this time to travel, even if just for a weekend or day trips. We don’t have anything planned yet, but I’m sure our family will find ourselves hopping in the car to speed off on a little getaway or two!

When we travel, our cat, India, stays home to enjoy some peace and quiet. My parents come a few times a week to check on her. Daisy, our dog, either comes with us or spends the week at the doggy resort.  India gets full reign over the house without the dog, or Avery pestering her. India LOVES when we go away! We give her a full hopper of food, (and remind her not to eat it all at once) we leave her favorite catnip toys out so she stays active while we’re gone, and we set out some cozy blankets around the house in her favorite resting spots. We also make sure to leave her with a clean litter box. There are few things worse than coming home from vacation to find that your house smells like animals, or worse–finding that your pets left you some unwanted *surprises* outside the litter box.

On our last trip, we started using New TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter.  I prefer unscented litter because the after awhile, I start to associate the fragrance of the other litters with litter box odor. So while some may smell “Fragrant Fresh Clean Honey Blossom By The Sea” All I smell is litter box.

Tidy Cats® knows powerful odor control is at the top of your list of litter must-haves…but sometimes added fragrances and dyes just aren’t what you want. Free & Clean offers you the odor-absorbing power of activated charcoal plus TidyLock® Protection to lock away odors—giving you the clean you need free of the stuff you don’t. It is our go-to litter, especially when we travel.unscented cat litter

We pick it up at Target (where else would we go??) It’s convenient since we can purchase all our travel necessities there.  Travel toiletries, sunblock, smoke alarm batteries, cat food, etc. Everything we need to prepare for vacation is available at Target! And I am there every day, anyway! Tidy Cats at Target

Target is also running a great coupon through the Cartwheel app and you don’t want to miss out.  You can get $10 off on your pet care purchase of $40 or more. I stocked up on litter, a new litter box, new toys, food, and an adorable cat tent (because what cat doesn’t want a tent??) and took advantage of that great deal!

Now we have everything our cat needs for our future trips! So how do we prep for vacation?  Well, here are a few of our tips for preparing your home AND your pets for summer travel:

  1. Make it look like someone is home:
    1. Put a hold on your mail and newspaper delivery or have a friend or neighbor pick it up daily.
    2. Put lights on a timer. An outdoor motion sensor light is also a great idea.
    3. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway, or move your car every now and then, so it looks like someone is home.
    4. If you’ll be gone awhile, consider hiring someone to mow the lawn.
  2. Turn it off, Unplug it, Turn it down:
    1. Unplug all small appliances.
    2. Turn off your water at the main valve .
    3. Turn down your a/c or heat to save electricity/fuel.
    4. Turn down your hot water heater.
    5. Check/replace batteries in your smoke detector.
  3. Clean up:
    1. Throw out food in the fridge that may go bad while you’re gone.
    2. Take out the trash.
    3. Wash the sink, and garbage disposal.
    4. Add a toilet cleaner tab to your toilets to prevent bacteria build up and staining.
  4. Prepare your pets:
    1. If you are boarding or traveling with your pet make sure they are up to date on all required vaccinations.
    2. If your pets will be staying home, look into hiring a dog walker and/or pet sitter to care for your pets while you’re gone.
    3. Even if your pets do not require a ton of care while you’re gone, ask a friend or family member to at least check in on them.
    4. Clean up anything that could be a temptation to your pets while you’re away. (plants, shoes, piles of clothing, small toys, etc.)
    5. Purchase automated food dishes.
    6. Clean out the litter box, and fill it with fresh litter (we recommend New TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter)
  5. Other Tips:
    1. Don’t announce your travel plans publicly on social media.
    2. Make sure everything is locked and secure. This includes pet doors!
    3. Do not leave a spare key outside. Give keys to anyone who may need them.
    4. Notify your security company that you will be traveling.
    5. Notify your credit card company of your travel plans.

travel cat

It is important to us, as I am sure it is to everyone, the ensure that our home is safe and secure when we are out of town. And our pet’s comfort is a major priority as well.  I’m happy that we’ve found a cat liter that we can trust has benefits for her (no scents, no dyes, and 99.9% dust free) and works well for us (Unscented Odor Control with the Power of Activated Charcoal, tight clumps for easy scooping, and TidyLock Protection to lock away odors.)

What are your best tips and tricks for prepping your home and your pets for travel? Please share them in the comments!

black catIndia can’t wait for our next vacation!



It’s Possible! – Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA

*Disclosure–Avery and I received tickets to the show to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own, as always!*


#ItsPossible!! @cinderellabway #CinderellaTour @foxwoods #ad

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Phew! What a night! We’re exhausted, and could use a long nap, but we’re still smiling, and singing along with the songs stuck in our heads.

“It’s impossible. For a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage. Impossible. For a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage. And four white mice will never be four white horses – such fol-de-rol and fiddledy dee of course is, Impossible!”

Sorry, got a bit carried away!

In case you missed our last post (and all subsequent posts on facebook, twitter and instagram…) Avery and I attended opening night of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA at Foxwoods Resort Casino!  It was a VERY late night (for both of us!) but worth every minute of missed sleep!

Opening Night! @cinderellabway #CinderellaTour @foxwoods #ad

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We arrived at Foxwoods a couple of hours before showtime. Avery chose California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and Cake By Fanck for dessert.

Pre-show pizza at @californiapizzakitchen @foxwoods!! #CinderellaTour #ad

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We love all the dining options at Foxwoods. There is something for everyone!

We grabbed our tickets and checked out the merch. Avery picked out an adorable t-shirt as a souvenir of our special night. (Get your own shirt HERE) An usher came over to let us know that we could peek through a window and watch a bit of rehearsal, as they hadn’t closed the doors! Avery got a kick out of watching the dancers–and wondered why Cinderella was wearing sneakers and workout clothes and not glass slippers and a fancy balllgown. She practiced some of her own dance moves for a bit, and then it was showtime!

Before I talk about the show let me tell you about the theater. I absolutely LOVE the Fox Theater.  It’s not too big and not too small. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of leg room. The acoustics are fantastic. And every seat is a good one! I love seeing shows there because we always feel so close to the stage, and have a great view no matter where we sit.

Now on to the show!

I knew that Avery would love this show and I knew I would enjoy it as well, but it was so much more than I expected!  The set pieces were stunning and even Avery was impressed with how they used the same pieces in different ways to create new scenes.  And the costumes! Oh my goodness THE COSTUMES!!! Absolutely gorgeous and you need to go see the show for yourself to witness the absolute MAGIC of Ella’s  fairy godmother transformation. I still don’t know how they did it! (Magic. Obviously,)

The role of Ella was played by the understudy, Kaitlyn Mayse, and she was phenomenal! Avery woke up on our drive home just long enough to whisper, “Mommy, Cinderella was so beautiful.” before falling back to sleep.  The rest of the cast was incredible as well.  Joanna Johnson (Charlotte) and Nicole Zelka (Gabrielle) are pure perfection as the step sisters! I could go on, listing everyone in the cast, and telling you how amazing they are but this post would be quite long and really, you should just go see the show for yourself. Trust me, it is perfectly cast from the fox and raccoon puppets to His Royal Highness Christopher Rupert Windemere Vladimir Karl Alexander François Reginald Lancelot Herman (Herman?) Gregory James!

Avery sat, mesmerized and unblinking, for the entire first act. At intermission she told me she was “so so so tired” but wanted to stay, and she powered through.  (Remember, the show started at 7:30pm, which is her normal bedtime) I was impressed, and she was proud, and we were both happy that she got to enjoy such a magical performance!

I’m going to close this out here, because I want to go watch YouTube videos of the show and sing along, but let me close with this: GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!  Do not miss it! Take your daughter, take your mom, take your friends, your family, your neighbor, your dog walker. Seriously grab everyone you know and GO SEE THIS SHOW!

For more information, and to purchase tickets click HERE

Show Dates:
May 9, 7:30PM
May 10, 2:00PM
May 11, 8:00PM
May 12, 2:00PM
May 12, 8:00PM
May 13, 1:00PM
May 13, 7:00PM

Ticket Prices:
$35 & $55

Fox Theater – Foxwoods Resort Casino

Go see this show!

Luciana Vega: Inspiring a Love of Science & Space

*Disclosure: We received this Luciana Vega doll to facilitate our review. Avery has decided to donate Luciana to her school’s Spring Benefit auction to raise money for the Lincoln Fund.  You can find more information about the benefit and auction HERE*

Luciana Vega

“I’m just not smart at math. It’s not my thing. I am not smart at math” Avery is 6 years old, and hearing those words from her was a punch to my gut.  I remember having those same feelings but for me it started in 3rd grade, after a terrible teacher spent her days trying to humiliate me after I froze during a timed multiplication test. That was the moment I decided I just wasn’t “smart at math” and it has followed me my entire life.  I always hoped that Avery would just be a natural at math, and it would never be a concern. “Please let her be healthy. Please let her be happy. Please let her be REALLY good at math.”   Avery is smart. Wicked smart. She also has AMAZING teacher who help her overcome any challenges she faces. Since she told me she wasn’t “smart at math” things have started to click. She’s making those connections, and math makes sense and has become a lot more fun. She IS “smart at math” and I am so grateful that she goes to a school that won’t let her forget that or coast through on the idea that it just isn’t her thing.

There is a massive gap between boys and girls, and how they feel about STEM subjects. That gap has nothing to do with skill, ability, or brain power. It is confidence. Studies have show that girls, as young as age 6–Avery’s age, start to develop this idea that they are just not good at math.  Why is this?  Well, as the saying goes,  ‘You can’t be what you can’t see.’ When we look at toys, games, tv shows, movies, etc., with few exceptions, they are not promoting STEM. While we are seeing some major improvement in this arena, girls simply aren’t seeing many female role models in those fields.

Fortunately, Avery does have some amazing role models in her school and they have created the new STEAM Hub For Girls, “Lincoln’s STEAM Hub for Girls will bring the vigor and excitement of our partnership experiences to Lincoln’s campus, allowing our talented faculty to guide students in interdisciplinary coursework that gives them every opportunity to learn, explore, and break new ground in their future fields.”   I am confident that this will help her to see that she is “smart at math” and build her confidence in her own abilities, and inspire her to pursue whatever field she feels passionate about.

American Girl has also created a role model for girls in Girl of the Year, Luciana Vega. Luciana empowers girls to “defy stereotypes, and embrace risks that will teach them about failure and success as they chart their own course in life—whatever the goal.”  Luciana is creative, confident 11-year-old girl and aspiring astronaut who dreams of being the first person to go to Mars. And, while she has the skills and smarts to achieve her goals, she also learns that being a good leader and team player right here on Earth is the best first step.

Luciana’s world comes to life via a beautiful 18-inch Luciana doll, featuring warm brown eyes, medium skin, and dark brown hair with a distinctive purple streak to show off her creative side.    Other STEM-inspired outfits, accessories, and products that reflect her Space Camp®experience include Luciana’s Flight Suit and Space Suit, her Maker Station, and a Mars Habitat loaded with science and research essentials for hours of pretend play. And—for the first time—girls can further engage in Luciana’s world by downloading the American Girl app and scanning her catalogue pages and products to unlock exclusive content, including augmented reality, trailers and videos, space simulations, quizzes and challenges, and much more.

Luciana Vega stargazing

Additionally, Luciana’s story is chronicled in a chapter book series written by Erin Teagan and published by Scholastic. The first two books, available now, introduce readers to Luciana, a young girl of Chilean descent with a serious science streak, who loves the idea of exploring new territories in space. After winning a scholarship to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, Luciana is thrilled to launch her dream of landing on Mars. But as she ascends from Space Camp kid to youth astronaut trainee, she faces many challenges that test her competitive spirit and self-confidence, and she must find the courage to embrace the unknown with bravery, curiosity, and wonder.

American Girl Doll Luciana

To help ensure the accuracy of Luciana’s story and product line, American Girl worked with the following four-member Advisory Board who were integral to Luciana’s development: Dr. Ellen Stofan, former NASA Chief Scientist; Dr. Deborah Barnhart, CEO and Executive Director of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center; Dr. Megan McArthur Behnken, NASA Astronaut; and Maureen O’Brien, Manager of Strategic Alliances at NASA. In addition, a team of American Girl editors and product designers visited Space Camp and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to gain insight into a day in the life of a Space Camp trainee—from putting on space suits and learning about the “right” way to eat in space to conducting a mission in micro-gravity. American Girl’s partnership with NASA was developed through the Space Act Agreement to inform and inspire the wider public (and especially young girls) about the excitement of space and STEM careers.

To engage girls and boys with Luciana’s message, American Girl—in partnerships with Scholastic, NASA, and Space Camp—has funded Blast Off to Discovery, an educational program to help third though fifth-grade students explore the wonder of space through Luciana-inspired content, including STEM-based lesson plans and classroom activities, videos, a game, and more. The program will be available on starting January 31, 2018.

American Girl Doll of the Year


Connect with American Girl:

Facebook: americangirl
Twitter: @American_Girl
Instagram: @americangirlbrand
Pinterest: agofficial

Pot O’ Gold Slime for St. Patrick’s Day

Disclaimer: Our Pot O’ Gold Slime post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of the links below, we receive a few gold coins. Thanks!Pot O' Gold

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! We’re wearing our green, preparing our Leprechaun traps, collecting our gold coins, and making gold slime! Try our easy and fun Pot O’ Gold Slime recipe!

Our family is a wee bit late to the slime game. I’d been avoiding it because all my friends have been very anti-slime and I expected it to be awful. But, Avery has been begging to make it so I gave in. And guess what? It wasn’t awful at all. Honestly it was simple, took no time, and the mess was contained to one bowl for easy clean up.

For our first foray into slime making, we decided to make some St. Patrick’s Day Slime!  Our Pot O’ Gold Slime is perfect for your favorite Leprechaun!

gold slime ingredients

You will need:

how to make gold slime

  1. Pour entire bottle of glue into the bowl
  2. Add baking soda, and mix thoroughly
  3. Add a few drops of the acrylic paint – you don’t need a lot – mix well
  4. Add glitter
  5. Add contact lens solution, and mix until slime starts to form.
  6. Continue to knead the slime with your hands.
  7. If slime is too sticky, add 1/4 TBSP contact solution until it’s the preferred consistency.
  8. Have Fun!

golden slime

The gold paint gave it a nice pearlescent lustre and the glitter really made the slime sparkle! Just like a pot of gold!pot of gold slime diy


Pot O’ Gold Slime

gold glitter slime What do you think of our Pot O’Gold Slime?  Will you be making some for St. Patrick’s Day?  Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas? Share them in the comments!