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RedSoxMomsLogoI am a Red Sox fan. Through and through.  I was born into it, and it’s in my blood! I’ve compiled a list of “evidence” to prove my fandom.

  1. I was raised a Red Sox fan, in New York. All my friends were fans of that team in the Bronx. It was difficult, but I wore my Sox gear proudly, even on school trips to NYC.
  2. My friends were all “*swoon* Jeter!!!” and I was all “EEEK! Tim Wakefield!!”
  3. On our first date Dave asked me “Who is your favorite Red Sox player?” My response was “Well…that depends. What decade?”  And I proceeded to give him a list including Bobby Doerr, John Valentin, and Brian Daubach.
  4. The first place Dave and I said “I Love You” was at Fenway Park
  5. He even proposed to me there!
  6. And we had our Bachelor/Bachelorette party there as well.
  7. Our engagement photos:red sox engagement
  8. Our wedding:red sox wedding
  9. Avery’s newborn photos:542906_10150717538896452_655869958_n
  10.  I have a *few* hats… IMG_20160331_14303711. My dad’s name is Walter….Wally the Green Monster’s dad is Walter…they both have epic mustaches…they are basically twins. Walter the Grandfather & Walter the Green Monster. ‘Nuff Said!walter the green moster

So, as you can see, I’m a pretty big fan. Which is why I was absolutely, over the moon excited to be invited to join the Red Sox Moms. I’ll be sharing all the great things the Red Sox will be doing this season, with YOU! Including this season’s “Calling All Kids” initiative:

The Red Sox will introduce a host of initiatives and events in 2016 designed to bring children and young adults closer to the game. The club’s “Calling All Kids” movement, presented by Hood, includes the introduction of virtual reality at Fenway Park, a mobile truck experience that brings elements of the ballpark out to the community, an Opening Day event for Little Leaguers at Fenway Park, free tickets to games for fans 14 and under, and $9 tickets for high school and college students.

“Connecting with younger audiences has increasingly become a focus for our club,” said Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner. “Our efforts are concentrated on making enhancements to the ballpark experience for kids and families, relating to younger fans through new technology, and bringing the Fenway Park atmosphere out to the community. Finding new and unique ways to introduce baseball to children and young adults is critical, not only for the Red Sox but for the future of the game itself.”

Virtual Reality:
  • For the first time, the club will offer a virtual reality experience at Fenway Park through a series of 360 videos that give exclusive, all-access views of what it’s like to be a Red Sox player during the 2016 season.
  • Virtual reality stations will be available to kids in Wally’s Clubhouse and to all fans in the Kids Concourse. The videos will also be available to fans online.
>Mobile Truck:
  • The Red Sox will take Fenway Park on the road with a new mobile truck that will bring the ballpark experience to communities throughout New England. The Red Sox Mobile Experience presented by T-Mobile features a 15-foot truck with panels that move to remake the Green Monster wall. The truck will carry a batting cage, virtual reality dugout, and pitching stations to dozens of cities and towns during the 2016 season.
  • The Red Sox Mobile Experience will debut the week of May 9 leading into MLB’s national “Play Ball!” weekend.
Free Tickets for Kids & Student Discount Tickets:
  • Entry-level membership in Red Sox Kid Nation (children 14 and under) will be free, and every child in the program can attend a game for free. Fans can begin signing up for the membership and free ticket starting today on redsox.com/kidnation.
  • For high school and college students with a student ID, the club will again offer a $9 ticket for every regular season home game. The “Student 9’s,” presented by Selfeo, guarantee at least an entry into standing room with the possibility of an upgrade to seats when available.
Wally’s Clubhouse Updates: 
  • A rolling mobile exhibit will feature a miniature fiberglass version of Pesky’s Pole that youngsters can sign with a dry erase marker, a piece of the padded field wall that lines the infield and outfield, and various compartments with objects for them to feel, such as a deconstructed baseball and Fenway Park dirt.
  • Miniature lockers staged to look just like the ones in the Red Sox clubhouse will be installed in Wally’s Clubhouse, and an oversized trunk filled with authentic Red Sox jerseys, cleats, and batting gloves will be available for kids to play dress up.
  • In addition to the tactile elements, enhanced organized games and activities such as Red Sox bingo, story time, Q&A sessions, and lessons on scoring the game will take place in the space. The Red Sox will also host a comprehensive clinic later in the season for kids who want to learn how to score the game.
  • And for the young collectors in the family, an extensive Red Sox bobblehead collection will be on display in the Team Store window located in the Kids Concourse.
  • Tessie the Green Monster (Wally’s sister) will take her place in the Kids Concourse where she will be a permanent staple before and during Red Sox home games throughout the season.Tessie and Wally So, what do you think, Sox Fans?  What are you most looking forward to this season?


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