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Cake By FranckLast weekend, I had a chance to experience a little bit of pastry heaven, right here in New England. Foxwoods Resort Casino invited me, along with a bunch of fellow bloggers, to visit their new and wonderful bake shop, Cake By Franck.

Chef Franck IglesiasCake by Franck is a celebration of pastries, offering classic New England and seasonal desserts with a twist. The price-conscious daily menu includes handmade macaroons, chocolates, candies, pies and muffins, as well as whole cakes and cake by the slice, all crafted under the guidance of a world-class pastry chef. The shop will also feature a personalized wedding cake design section, a selection of gluten conscious and no-sugar-added offerings and limited-time specialty desserts. Guests will be delighted year-round by the spectacular in-store displays, fragrant aromas and unparalleled selection of must-have treats – including a build-your-own Belgian Waffle station.IMG_20160319_150109

“The broad spectrum of cuisines offered at Foxwoods Resort Casino has been an excellent outlet for me to showcase my passion for crafting unique confections,” Chef Franck Iglesias said of his seven-year tenure at Foxwoods. “I feel very fortunate to be opening Cake by Franck for our guests who appreciate and enjoy gourmet cakes, pastries and other delicious desserts. I can’t wait for customers to experience the process from start to finish and, most importantly, indulge in my creations.”

I fell in love with the shop the moment I walked in. It’s as if Chef Franck designed my dream kitchen.  The colors, the fixtures, the reclaimed wood (and a sliding barn door to the kitchen!!) Everything was perfectly welcoming! Foxwoods Cake By FranckI loved that they had a self serve area and everything is LABELED! I often feel rushed, or even intimidated when I walk into other bakeries. When you’re up at the counter, with an impatient line forming behind you and you have no idea what you want, or what things are and you stutter “Uhm, uh, what is this…no..not that, this thing, with the chocolate. Yeah, that one. Oh, uhm, what about this? Is that cream cheese? What? No…uhm…just give me a chocolate chip cookie..yeah that’s fine” Ever happen to you?  No?  Oh… Well, you definitely WON’T experience that at Cake By Franck.
IMG_20160319_145149Cake by Franck was designed to take on the personality of a New England Country Store with a playful and interactive environment. 20160324_212514In addition to the Cake by Franck storefront, Chef Franck unveiled a custom cupcake vending machine on the Foxwoods property in December, located on the Concourse Level of Great Cedar Hotel. The vending machine offers a vast selection of fresh cupcakes 24 hours per day, at the press of a button. Selections include the decadent Sinatra’s Jack Daniels Cupcake, the mouthwatering Poker Face PB&J Cupcake and the fiery Mashantucket Campfire S’Mores Cupcake.

IMG_20160319_145503IMG_20160319_102034We had the opportunity to explore the shop, and taste some of the delicious pastries and baked goods. Let me tell you, I was blown away! Everything I tried was out of this world, delicious. DSC_9285 We were also treated to some delightful and delicious breakfast fare. DSC_9295Shout out to this lovely woman! Her daughter is also a blogger, and she didn’t think I was crazy when I asked to take a photo of the tray!! DSC_9284Chef Franck’s desserts are featured in restaurants and dining locations across the Foxwoods Resort Casino property. His incredible confections have landed him in magazines such as Food & Wine, Modern Bride and Pastry & Baking North America. Born in Argenteuil, France, just north of Paris, Chef Franck spent many years as both a cook and pastry chef in France and Spain. Prior to joining the Foxwoods team in 2009, he worked with Chef François Payard at his Upper East Side restaurant Payard Patisserie & Bistro in New York City. DSC_9374After hearing a bit from Chef Franck about his passion and his vision for Cake By Franck we headed out for a cake decorating lesson, taught by Chef Franck himself!! DSC_9457 DSC_9594IMG_20160319_114435We had the opportunity to decorate two cakes (chocolate and vanilla)  I went with a modern, black and white theme. IMG_20160319_113828Cake by Franck will feature “Air Franck,” an in-shop shipping depot that delivers Chef Franck’s famous treats worldwide. I was able to ship one of my cakes to my parents! What an incredible service! The cake arrived to my parent’s house, carefully packaged, and absolutely delicious (I may have gone over for a visit to sample it!) DSC_9640When we had all completed our cakes, it was time to announce the winner of our cake decorating contest. Now,  It would be easy to feel intimidated while having your cake judged by a world renowned pastry chef, but Chef Franck was great! I mean, who knows what he was THINKING while looking at our cakes, but he made us all feel like world class cake decorators! I didn’t win, but I wasn’t too upset…the winner was the young daughter of another blogger. She designed a truy adorable Easter Bunny cake!! DSC_9624 DSC_9619After such a fun day, I had to take a photos with Chef Franck! As one of the last in line for a picture, Chef joked about his face hurting from all the smiling…so, I told him, we could take a serious photo. The result was wonderful!IMG_20160319_122814Then we took a smiling photo, and it’s nice too, but that serious pic is my favorite!  IMG_20160319_123004I had such a wonderful day visiting Foxwoods Resort Casino and Cake By Franck. You MUST visit, and grab something delicious for yourself.  It is a destination in itself, and totally worth the trip!

Cake by Franck is located on the Concourse Level of the Great Cedar Hotel. The shop is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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