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Bubble wrap printing is a fun, easy, and frugal indoor activity to do with kids.┬áIt’s a great way to inspire imagination, introduce new textures and concepts, and generally have fun learning a new skill. Bubble wrap printing is also fairly easy, which limits the frustration factor for the kids.
Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Wrap Printing Saved us From the Polar Vortex

As the work from home mom of a preschooler, I’m always looking for fun and different activities to keep her busy! It can be especially challenging in the harsh New England winter! Avery loves to play outside, but when it’s -376* out, she can’t. Art projects are a great alternative for her! Especially painting!

Bubble wrap printing fun. While visiting the school we hope Avery will attend in a couple years, we were introduced to bubble wrap printing! It was a unique technique, and a really cool way to introduce kids to printmaking (which just so happens to be one of my favorite art forms!)

It was such a fun project, I knew I wanted to try it at home. Fortunately, we had a whole box full of bubble wrap just waiting for a project like this!

Bubble Wrap Printing suppliesSupplies:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper

Bubble wrap printing steps.Step 1 – Paint your design on the bubble side of the bubble wrap.
Step 2 – Flip your bubble wrap face down onto the paper
Step 3 – Gently press the bubble wrap onto the paper.
Step 4 – carefully pull the bubble wrap off the paper to reveal your print!

Bubble wrap printing master, Avery!It’s a simple project, and after showing Avery what to do the first time, she had it all figured out and went on to make many, many, many more prints on her own! Bubble wrap printing in action. Our Paintings

Bubble wrap printing is one of our new favorite arts projects! It’s the perfect art activity for preschoolers, and older kids will love it, too! I loved that I was able to reuse some of the bubble wrap we had from holiday packages before throwing it away! Bubble wrap printingWhat do you think? Would your kids enjoy bubble wrap printing? What other creative painting ideas do you have?


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